Research Discovery and Innovation

Our Mission

Our mission in the Office of Research Discovery and Innovation is to provide the infrastructure, support and resources for the Adams School of Dentistry to become the global model for research, discovery, and innovation within the oral and craniofacial basic, applied, and clinical sciences, including the areas of oral health services, policy, and education.

In serving this mission the Office of Research Discovery and Innovation provides pre- and post-award support along with programming for continued education and promotion of collaboration in research, discovery, and innovation.

In addition, the Office of Research Discovery and Innovation oversees two unique resources available to investigators within and outside the Adams School of Dentistry: the DELTA Translational ReCharge Center and GoHealth Clinical Research Unit. Discoveries in these areas not only offer the potential to improve oral health, but also overall health.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the nation’s first public university and ranks among the world’s leading research universities, whereby UNC-Chapel Hill and the Adams School of Dentistry are nationally recognized.

The UNC Adams School of Dentistry has a diverse portfolio of research activities in the basic, applied, and clinical sciences, as well as in the areas of health services, health policy and health education. The general atmosphere Adams School of Dentistry specifically, and UNC-Chapel Hill in general, is a very stimulating place to conduct research in a collaborative institutional environment.

Exploring new frontiers, and challenging the status quo

  • “It is the goal of our office to support all investigators within the Adam’s School of Dentistry in their research, discovery and innovation endeavors and to promote their interaction and collaboration with investigators on the UNC-CH campus, as well as with leading investigators and institutions elsewhere in the United States and abroad.”

    Shannon Wallet, PhD, Associate Dean for Research Discovery and Innovation