Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists

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Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists

The UNC Adams School of Dentistry offers a 29-month Advanced Standing Program for International Dentists (ASPID) as an entry for graduates of foreign dental schools, except Canadian graduates, who seek to receive additional training and practice dentistry in the United States.

ASPID students enroll in a six-month intensive track of didactic, preclinical and laboratory courses. This prepares them to integrate into the third-year predoctoral DDS class during the fall semester of that same year.

Admissions Information

Application Deadline:
CAAPID – May 24, 2024

Supplemental Application – May 28, 2024

Applicants should use the ADEA CAAPID to apply to the program.

  1. The following materials should be submitted with the CAAPID application:
Item Description
Personal Statement The personal statement should include information about dental education experiences, dental related activities and professional goals.
Transcripts and Evaluations Submit an official, detailed, course-by-course evaluation of your dental school transcript and any other post-dental degrees obtained outside the U.S as well as a copy of your diploma and dental license, if applicable. All transcripts, diplomas, and dental licenses obtained outside of the U.S must be translated and certified by ECE. Submit an official copy of a transcript for any degree earned in the US.
English Language Proficiency Test **COVID-19 Exeption- Home TOFEL will be accepted! An Internet Based TOEFL (iBT) average score of 95 or above or with 20 or above in each of the four evaluations. TOEFL may be waived if candidate has a degree from a U.S. accredited college or university. Score received at time of application must be less than 2 years old. Original TOEFL scores must be submitted from TOEFL directly to ADEA CAAPID. Click here for TOEFL. Click here for TOEFL at home. Click here for TOEFL Waiver Options.
National Board Dental Examination Applicants are required to pass the NBDE Part I and NBDE Part II or the INBDE, Integrated National Board Dental Examination, to be considered for admission.
Letters of Evaluation Applicants are required to submit three Letters of evaluation. All letters must have a signature and be on the letterhead of the letter writer’s affiliated organization, school or dental practice and must be in English. Program prefers one letter to come from the Dean or a faculty member of the dental school from which the applicant graduated. The second letter should come from a dentist practicing in the United States who supervised or worked with the applicant in a clinical or educational setting or who the applicant shadowed. The third letter should come from someone the applicant has been supervised by in a professional setting.
  1. The following items should be submitted to the Slate program as part of the supplemental application. You will receive an email once your CAPPID application is complete:
Item Description
2×2 Photograph
Proof of Residency Copy of passport, permanent resident card, green card.


Application Fee

After submitting the ADEA CAAPID application and ADEA on-line fee, submit a $150 non-refundable application fee directly to the Adams School of Dentistry. Do not submit payment until after you have submitted your CAAPID application.

Interview Invitation and Bench Test

Successful applicants selected for interview will need to pay a bench test fee of $300.  Information regarding payment of the bench test fee will be included in the invitation to Chapel Hill for an interview.

Applicants with strong academic credentials and a demonstrated commitment to the profession will be considered for a skill evaluation (bench test) and personal interview. Formal letters of non-acceptance will not be sent to applicants not selected for an interview.

Applicants selected for a personal interview and bench test will be invited to visit the Adams School of Dentistry. The interview day consists of an overview of the ASPID program, personal interview with faculty members of the ASPID admission’s committee and a bench test using manikins in the preclinical laboratory. Individuals who are not able to attend the designated interview date will not be eligible for acceptance.

Acceptance Notifications

Acceptance notifications will be sent at the completion of the selection process. For the candidates offered admissions to the program, a non-refundable deposit of $5,000 will be expected within 14 days of acceptance.

Tuition, Stipend Support and Benefits

Please note, living expenses are not included.

Click here to see tuition and fees for the ASPID program.

Estimated living expenses (not included in tuition and fees).

Books, Room, Board and Personal Expenses: $21,000

Background Check

Entering students will be required to complete a criminal background check.

Offers of admission are not considered final and enrollment is not permitted until completion of the criminal background check with results deemed favorable by the Adams School of Dentistry.

The information obtained will remain confidential unless the findings result in an institutional action by the Adams School of Dentistry.

Certification of Finances and Visa

Entering students who are not U.S. citizens or permanent U.S. residents will be required to obtain an F-1 student visa to study at the Adams School of Dentistry and to complete a Certification of Finances through the ISSS office.

Late Applications

Late or incomplete applications will not be considered. The Office of Admission at the Adams School of Dentistry cannot be held liable for any delays caused by the U.S. Postal Service or other mail delivery systems. All application materials and documents become the property of the Adams School of Dentistry and will not be returned to the applicant. Any applications materials received after the admissions cycle will be discarded.

Other questions?

Please refer to this document of frequently asked questions. If your question is not answered there, reach out to the ASPID Program Manager, Ashley Blake via email.

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