Short-Term Fellowships

DDS Short Term Fellowships

DDS Short-Term Applications for 2024-2025 Academic Year are now open!

The completed application and proposal should be submitted to Ms. Myria Whitmore ( and Dr. Josh Little ( by Friday, June 21st, 2024, at 5 p.m. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

DDS Student Research Fellowships are provided to promote involvement through individual projects under the direction of Faculty Mentors. Information on Student Mentor Agreements, Student Investigator Agreements and Terms, Conditions and Instructions can be found below.

Each fellowship consists of:

  • $500 stipend for the student investigator
  • Up to $2250 Research Expenditures and Student Travel Reimbursement Allocation for the project mentor, according to a detailed budget that will accompany the application
    • Research Expenditures (Typically up to $750; larger amounts may be considered with appropriate budget justification and contingent on availability of funds). Examples of allowable expenses include research supplies, consumables, reagents, core services, consultant fees, participant incentives, poster printing, etc.
    • Student Travel Reimbursement (Typically up to $1500; larger amounts may be considered with appropriate budget justification and contingent on availability of funds). Examples of allowable expenses include fees for conference registration, hotel, flights, poster printing, etc.

For questions about the fellowship, please contact Dr. Josh Little ( and Myria Whitmore at

2023-2024 Awardees and Mentors

Awardee: Aditya Kakkar, DDS’24
Project Title: Surface deterioration of dental materials:in vitro study
Mentor: Dr. Marta Musskopf

Awardee: Angela Chen, DDS’26
Project Title: Changes in gingivitis response under stress
Mentor: Dr. Christina Graves

Awardee: Anna Zheng, DDS’26
Project Title: Effects of Mental Health and Systemic Diseases during Pregnancy on Primary Teeth Development
Mentor: Dr. Apoena Ribeiro

Awardee: Benjamin Lee, DDS’26
Project Title: Oral Health Care Experiences of Spanish-speaking Caregivers
Mentor: Dr. Kimon Divaris

Awardee: Bijian Mahboubi, DDS’25
Project Title: Evaluation of different PD-L1 variations on immune suppression
Mentor: Dr. Chengwen Li

Awardee: Courtney Garneau, DDS’26
Project Title: Effect of Ultrasound Application on Biofilm Formation in Glass Ionomer Cements
Mentor: Dr. Bert Vasconcellos

Awardee: Jackie Le, DDS’24
Project Title: The Staining Susceptibility of Printed DENTCA Teeth
Mentor: Dr. Wendy Clark

Awardee: Dariel Liakhovetski, DDS’25
Project Title: Evaluating Senior Dental Students’ Perceptions of Dental Implantology Practice-Readiness
Mentor: Dr. Antonio J. Moretti

Awardee: Jeanie Chung, DDS’25
Project Title: Evaluating Animal Assisted Therapy for Managing Pediatric Dental Anxiety
Mentor: Dr. Laura Jacox

Awardee: J.D. Boyd, DDS’25
Project Title: Micro CT evaluation using warm vertical compaction
Mentor: Dr. Takashi Komabayashi

Awardee: Jacob Hunt, DDS’25
Project Title: Periodontal Impact of Orthodontic Incisor Retraction using Skeletal Anchorage beyond a Biological Boundary
Mentor: Dr. Tung Nguyen

Awardee: Karen Zhao, DDS’24
Project Title: In Vitro Wear Resistance of Conventional, Milled and 3D-Printed Denture Teeth
Mentor: Dr. Taiseer Sulaiman

Awardee: Nikitha Lanka, DDS’25
Project Title: NC Foster Parents: Oral Health Knowledge and Barriers
Mentor: Dr. Jane Weintraub

Awardee: Valentina Roa, DDS’25
Project Title: Learner Feedback of the Pass/Fail Grading System at the Adams School of Dentistry
Mentor: Dr. Rocio Quinonez

2022-2023 Awardees and Mentors

Awardee: Bijan Mahboubi
Project Title: Optimization of AAV Vector Mediated Gene Transfer to Salivary Glands
Mentor: Chengwen Li

Awardee: Sylvette Ramos-Diaz
Project Title: Analysis of Efficacy of the Hispanic Oral health Prevention & Education (H.O.P.E.) Program
Mentor: Apoena Ribeiro

Awardee: Bree Smith
Project Title: Machine Learning-Based Re-Appraisal of Caregivers’ Health Literacy and Children’s Oral Health
Mentor: Jessica Lee

Awardee: Olivia Tumsuden
Project Title: Evaluating Impacts of Class III Dentofacial Disharmony and its Surgical Correction on Vowel Production
Mentor: Laura Jacox

Awardee: Nishma Vias
Project Title: Evaluation of Signature Biomarker Profiles for Periodontal Disease Subgroups
Mentor: Julie Marchesan

2021-2022 Awardees and Mentors

Awardee: Caroline Allbert
Project Title: Spectral Characteristics of Speech in Children with Repaired Cleft Palate
Mentor: David Zajac

Awardee: Carolyn Collins
Project Title: The Antimicrobial Efficacy of Silver Nanoparticles
Mentor: Roland Arnold

Awardee: Mustafa Girnary
Project Title: Print Quality of Resin Patterns on Different 3D Printers
Mentor: Ingeborg De Kok

Awardee: Katherine Grant
Project Title: Evaluation of fir based on Margin Design for 3D Printed Crown Patterns
Mentor: Wendy Clark

Awardee: Kamaira Philips
Project Title: Influence of abrasive strips finishing/polishing technique on biofilm adherence in Bulk-Fill composite resins
Mentor: Apoena Ribeiro

Awardee: Neal Quinn
Project Title: Evaluation of Mechanical Strength of 3D Printed Resin Crowns
Mentor: Wendy Clark

Awardee: Davied Sanchez
Project Title: Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Rapid Prototyping of Skeletal Muscle
Mentor: Rishma Shah

Awardee: Jared Sobo
Project Title: New Aged Tricalcium Silicates Discoloration of Dentin
Mentor: Taseer Sulaiman

Awardee: Nishma Vias
Project Title: Characterization of Biomarker Profiles for Periodontal Disease Classes
Mentor: Julie Marchesan

Awardee: Mylan Young
Project Title: MicroRNA Profiling in Patients with External Cervical Resorption
Mentor: Rishma Shah

Awardee: Emily Nan Stalling
Project Title: Effect of Ultrasound Application on the Surface roughness of Glass Ionomer
Mentor: Bert Vasconcellos

Awardee: Arlet Montes Sanchez
Project Title: Hispanic Oral health Prevention and Education Program
Mentor: Apoena Ribeiro

Awardee: Raven Selden
Project Title: Evaluating Effects of Animal-Assisted Therapy on Anxiety in Pediatric Dental Patients
Mentor: Laura Jacox

2019-2020 Awardees and Mentors

Awardee: Babak Yousefi
Project Title: Molecular Characterization of Irreversible Pulpitis
Mentor: Ashraf Fouad

Awardee: Adam Hoxie
Project Title: MicroCT as Reference for ICDA and QLF-D Activity Exams
Mentor: Apeona Ribiero

Awardee: Mustafa Girnary
Project Title: Caspase-1 Inhibition Decreases Alevolar Bone Loss
Mentor: Julie Marchesan

Awardee: Monica Kim
Project Title: Engaging Effective Student Communication Skills
Mentor: Kate Ciarrocca

Awardee: Koby Martin
Project Title: Sex Impact of Caspase-1 in Experimental Periodontitis
Mentor: Julie Marchesan

Awardee: Zachary Burke
Project Title: Prevalence and Genetic Determinants of Enamel Defects
Mentor: Kimon Divaris

Awardee: Hudson Spangler
Project Title: Real-time 3D Modeling for Chairside Patient Education
Mentor: Kimon Divaris

Awardee: Scott V. Phillips
Project Title: Determining the Biological Boundaries of Tooth Movement
Mentor: Tung Nguyen

Awardee: Colin Laprade
Project Title: Tomosynthesis Proximal Contact Imaging Study
Mentor: Angela Broome

Awardee: Pegah Khosravi-Kamrani
Project Title: Characterizing Class Ill Subtypes and Treatment Modes
Mentor: Sylvia Frazier-Bowers

Awardee: Blaine Radley
Project Title: Molecular Analysis of Tooth Eruption Disorders
Mentor: Sylvia Frazier-Bowers

Awardee: Ian R Stewart
Project Title: s-IOT and Transillumination in the Detection of Proximal Caries
Mentor: Angela Broome

2018-2019 Awardees and Mentors

Awardee: Hannah Randall
Project Title: Dental Fracture Detection Using Advanced Image Analysis
Mentor: Andre Mol

Awardee: Marla O’Neal
Project Title: Clinical Outcomes of Permanent Teeth Treated with SDF
Mentor: Andrea Zandona/Rick Walter

Awardee: Danielle Burgess
Project Title: Herpesviruses and Periodontitis in HIV Populations
Mentor: Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque

Awardee: Babak Yousefi
Project Title: microRNA Profiles in a Rodent Model of Pulpitis
Mentor: Asma Khan

Awardee: Nathan Yip
Project Title: Association of Endodontic Infections and Type 2 Diabetes
Mentor: Ashraf Fouad

Awardee: Ryan Gross
Project Title: YouTube: Peer Tutoring in Dental Education
Mentor: Ashraf Fouad

Awardee: Shawn Dua
Project Title: Novel Interprofessional Virtual Clinic for JIA Patients
Mentor: Shaun Matthews

Awardee: Dani Fox
Project Title: Dental Fracture Detection Using Advanced Image Analysis
Mentor: Asma Khan

2017-2018 Awardees and Mentors

Awardee: Ryan Kearney
Project Title: 10 Years of Alveolar Bone Grafting in Cleft Patients at UNC
Mentor: Rishma Shah

Awardee: Brittany Spruiell
Project Title: Craniofacial Characterization of Marfan Syndrome
Mentor: Sylvia Frazier-Bowers

Awardee: Daniel Wade Townsend
Project Title: Examination of Trends in Pediatric Dental Treatment
Mentor: Andrea Zandona

Awardee: Korry Tauber
Project Title: Development of a Word Recognition Survey to Test Orthodontic Oral Health Literacy: ORTHO-30
Mentor: Tate Jackson

Awardee: Donna Lynn Thomas
Project Title: Orthodontic Root Resorption in Short Root Anomaly
Mentor: Sylvia Frazier-Bowers