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ACDE: Partial Root Extraction Therapy (PET): A Tactic to Rescue the Buccal Plate

The UNC Adams School of Dentistry in conjunction with the Association for Continuing Dental Education (ACDE), along with 30 of its member schools jointly presents the “ACDE LIVE Webinar Series.”

This series features university-based key opinion leaders presenting numerous topics on multiple dates and times. Presentations are available to meet every dental health care professional’s schedule and interests.

Webinar Description

Bone loss around extraction sites is due to the destruction of the periodontal ligament to bone complex. This is problematic in aesthetic areas, specifically the anterior maxilla. Many procedures and materials have been used to regain or cover lost bone structure (such as bone and gingival grafts). These can be costly and time consuming to patients. Research has shown great potential in partial extraction therapies (PET) where part of the natural tooth root is purposely left attached to the buccal plate of bone to prevent its loss. These therapies are more conservative than normal extractions and require no additional materials. This presentation aims at shedding more light on this technique as well as its contraindications and limitations.

Educational Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Review the hard and soft-tissue effects of tooth loss
  • Review the different treatment options for toot loss and the advantages/disadvantages of each
  • Review some of the new techniques recommended to mitigate the effects of hard and soft-tissue loss, especially in the aesthetic zone
  • Provide a clear understanding and definition of ‘Partial Root Extraction Therapy – PET’
  • Review some of the cases treated utilizing PET techiques
  • Review the different contraindications and limitations for using PET

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