Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations

Clinical Operations is responsible for overseeing patient care within the Adams School of Dentistry. Services include resolving patient issues, providing quality assurance, maintaining infection control, administering regulatory compliance and preserving fiscal stability.

Central Sterilization Operating Policy

The Materials Management Division is comprised of two units: the Central Sterilization Unit and the Preclinical Storeroom.

The Central Sterilization Unit serves the entire Adams School of Dentistry providing decontamination and sterilization services for all dental instruments and cassettes. The CSU utilizes Washer/Disinfector Units, Ultrasonic Cleaners, Steam Sterilizers and Ethylene Oxide Sterilization. The CSU provides some stock cassettes and instruments available for use within the school.

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To view the Central Sterilization Operating Policy, click here.

The Preclinical Storeroom provides a pass-through purchasing program for all materials needed during the four-year course of study at the Adams School of Dentistry.

The storeroom also provides any and all consumable items needed in the preclinical laboratories. These items are covered by the Student Lease Program.

Student Lease Program

Click below for copies of the student leases.

First Year Lease First Year Lease First Year Lease First Year Lease
Second Year Lease Second Year Lease Second Year Lease
Third Year Lease Third Year Lease

Dental Storeroom

The Dental Storeroom:

  • ensures prompt delivery of your storeroom purchases and special orders, and accurate billings to your department accounts in support of UNC-CH Adams School of Dentistry operations
  • continuously improves service processes to make them more efficient, effective, and user-friendly
  • communicates actively with customers to create responsive and responsible partnerships that exceed expectations

To download the storeroom catalog, click here.