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Students, Faculty, Staff Honored at Annual Spurgeon Banquet

More than 200 students, faculty and staff members and other guests attended the 2014 Spurgeon Dental Society Annual Awards Banquet on April 9. The event recognizes faculty, staff and student contributions to the profession of dentistry and to the mission of the school.

Annually, the Spurgeon Award Banquet is coordinated by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Spurgeon Dental Society. Rebekah McPherson, D.D.S. Candidate 2015, served as president of Spurgeon during 2013-14. The other executive board officers included Vice President Omar Abdelbaky, D.D.S. Candidate 2016; Treasurer Kaushal Ghandi, D.D.S. Candidate 2017; Secretary Kimberly Chow, D.H. Candidate 2015; and operative dentistry resident Clayton Rau as the graduate representative.

Dr. Ibrahim Duqum, clinical assistant professor in the Department of Prosthodontics, received the Richard F. Hunt Memorial Award for Excellence in Predoctoral Teaching. The Hunt Award is considered the school’s most prestigious teaching award. Students nominate and select the recipient of this honor, named in memory of Dr. Richard F. Hunt, a member of the D.D.S. Class of 1955.

The 2013-14 James Harrell Award for Citizenship and Leadership, awarded for bringing exceptional leadership, extraordinary enthusiasm, and strong sense of service to the community, went to David Samuelson, D.D.S. Candidate 2015. Kerry Baumann, D.D.S. Candidate 2014, received the Robert E. Tormey, Jr. Memorial Award, which is given annually in memory of Bob Tormey (D.D.S. Class of 1990) to a fourth-year student who demonstrates humor, loyalty and great caring for others. The Zane E. Eargle, Jr. Memorial Award, which honors the late Zane Eargle (D.D.S. Class of 1988), was awarded to Min Yang Dong, D.D.S. Candidate 2016. Dong was nominated for the award by her classmates who identified her as the member of the class who best exemplifies a strong dedication to community, church and dental school.

Following is a full list of the awards and recipients:

Academy of Dentistry International Student Servant/Leadership Award
Elise Rich, D.D.S. ’14

Academy of General Dentistry Awards
Andrew McNeal, D.D.S. ’14 Daniel Whitley, D.D.S. ’14

Academy of Operative Dentistry Award
Brittany McGuirt, D.D.S. ’14

Academy of Osseointegration Award
Boksoon Brenda Gong, D.D.S. ’14

Alberta Beat Dolan Scholarship Award
Jaehee Yoo, D.H. ’15

Alpha Omega Award
Jeff Duffy, D.D.S. ’14

American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry
Elizabeth Consky, D.D.S. ’14

American Academy of Implant Dentistry
Catherine Doswell, D.D.S. ’15

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Certificate of Merit D.D.S. Student Award
Jeff Jackson, D.D.S. ’14
Amanda Kilburn Kerns, D.D.S. ’14

American Academy of Periodontology Award
Elizabeth Robinson, D.D.S. ’14

American Association of Endodontics Student Achievement Award
Christopher Gray, D.D.S. ’14

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology Award
Sasha Malinchoc, D.D.S. ’14

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Implant Student Award
Ross Fahey, D.D.S. ’14

American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons Dental Student Award (OMS and Anesthesiology)
Elizabeth Consky, D.D.S. ’14

American Association of Orthodontics Award
Jed Arbon, D.D.S. ’14

American Association of Public Health Dentistry Student Awards
Chimere Collins, D.H. ’14
Beth Ann Knox, D.H. ’14
Elizabeth Robinson, D.D.S. ’14

American Association of Women Dentists Eleanor Bushee Award
Karen Carver, D.D.S. ’14

American College of Dentists Outstanding Student Leadership Award
Lela Farmer, D.D.S. ’14

American College of Prosthodontics Award
Robert Gazdeck, D.D.S. ’14

American Dental Society of Anesthesiology Horace Wells Senior Student Award
Robert Gazdeck, D.D.S. ’14

American Student Dental Association Advocate Award
Dr. Ralph Leonard, Operative Dentistry

American Student Dental Association Award of Excellence
Kyle McKinney, D.D.S. ’15

American Student Dental Association Spotlight Award
Dr. Janet Guthmiller, Academic Affairs

Carolina First Campaign Scholarship
Anna Erman, D.A. ‘14
Keri Wimbush, D.A. ‘14

Colgate S.T.A.R. Award (Student Total Achievement Recognition)
Anna Hilla, D.H. ’14

D.A. Awards
Faculty: Dr. James Parker, Operative Dentistry; Ms. Cynthia Ann Lambert, Dental Ecology
Staff: Ms. Lea Dixon, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Student: Tina Mounlavongsy, D.A. ’14

D.A. Clinical Achievement Award
Shenikwa Poole, D.A. ’14

D.D.S.-1 Awards
Faculty: Dr. Lee Boushell, Operative Dentistry
Staff: Ms. Jamie Desoto, Academic Affairs
Residents: Dr. Taiseer Sulaiman
Student: Kaushal Ghandi, D.D.S. ’17

D.D.S.-2 Awards
Faculty: Dr. Gustavo Mendonca, Prosthodontics
Staff: Mr. Jay Pickard, Clinical Affairs
Residents: Dr. Sumitha Ahmed, Operative Dentistry
Student: Christopher Walker, D.D.S. ’16

D.D.S.-3 Awards
Faculty: Dr. Karen Tiwana, Operative Dentistry
Staff: Ms. Lisa Mauldin, Pediatric Dentistry
Resident: Dr. Alejandro Delgado, Operative Dentistry
Student: Veronica Matthews, D.D.S. ’15

D.D.S.-4 Awards
Faculty:  Dr. Scott Eidson, Operative Dentistry
Staff: Ms. Kristy Pickard, Clinical Affairs
Resident: Hsin Chen, Endodontics
Student: Lela Farmer, D.D.S. ’14

Dental Foundation Scholarship
Julie Aiken, D.A. ’14

D.H. Alumni Award
Charity Battle, D.H. ’14
Nirali Patel, D.H. ’14

D.H.-1 Awards
Faculty: Dr. Sally Mauriello, Dental Ecology
Staff: Ms. Mary Mackenzie, Clinical Affairs
Student: Kimberly Chow, D.H. ’15

D.H.-2 Awards
Faculty: Ms. Jennifer Brame, Dental Ecology
Staff: Ms. Crystal Brown, Clinical Affairs
Student: Melissa Clark, D.H. ’14

Dental Ecology Community Dentistry Award
Chimere Collins, D.H. ’14

DENTSPLY International Award in Removable Prosthodontics
Jeff Duffy, D.D.S. ’14

Denise Hancock Memorial Award
Ms. Wendy Chambers, Operative Dentistry

Dwight Clark Memorial Awards
Christina Easton, D.A. ’14; Tina Mounlavongsy, D.A. ’14
Andrew McNeal, D.D.S. ’14
Kristin Rippy, D.H. ’14

Eleanor A. Forbes Clinical Achievement Award
Elizabeth Collins, D.H. ’14
Elyse Kenealy, D.H. ’14

Graduate Programs Awards
Faculty: Dr. Terry Donovan, Operative Dentistry; Dr. Harald Heymann, Operative Dentistry
Staff: Ms. Shannon Tate, Operative Dentistry
Student: Dr. Alejandro Delgado, Operative Dentistry

Grover C. Hunter Award
Elizabeth Binz, D.D.S. ’14

Hillenbrand-Lupton Student Award
Yusif Umar, D.D.S. ’14

Hinman Scholars
Courtney Aman, D.D.S. ’15
Gisela Borget, D.D.S. ’15
Melissa Clark, D.H. ’14

Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award
Briana Crump, D.H. ’14

International College of Dentists Student Leadership Award
Zerita Buchanan, D.D.S. ’14

International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)/Sullivan Schein Award
Davia Nechelle Nickelson, D.D.S. ’14

James Harrell Award for Citizenship and Leadership
David Samuelson, D.D.S. ’15

Linda Pascall Jarvis Memorial Scholarship
Sonal Patel, D.H. ’14

Linda Stewart Professional Excellence Award
Jill Wilson, D.A. ’14

Kermit Knudtzon Award
Mackenzie LeCroy, D.A. ’14

Markie Thomas Award
Catherine Tippette, D.H. ’14

Marvin Block Community Dentistry Achievement Award
Jason Sanders, D.D.S. ’15

Monte Miska Award in Fixed Prosthodontics
Kristen LaBianca, D.D.S. ’14

N.C. Dental Hygiene Academy of Advanced Studies
Jonathan Faranda, D.H. ’14

Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society Inductees
Karen Carver, D.D.S. ’14
Elizabeth Consky, D.D.S. ’14
Jeff Duffy, D.D.S. ’14
Ross Fahey, D.D.S. ’14
Ashley Hill, D.D.S. ’14
Rivkah Kol, D.D.S. ’14
Kristen LaBianca, D.D.S. ’14
Elizabeth Rich, D.D.S. ’14
Molly Tesch, D.D.S. ’14

Oral Biology Award
Lauren Katz, D.D.S. ’15

Pankey Study Club of North Carolina Scholarship
Dr. Lisa Stoner, Prosthodontics

Pat Jacques Memorial Scholarship
Denise Eskew, D.A. ’14

Periodontology/Prosthodontics Award
Zerita Buchanan, D.D.S. ’14

Pierre Fauchard Academy Scholarship
Ashley Morgenstern, D.D.S. ’15

Priscilla Levine Scholarship
Andrea Lukomski, D.H. ’14

Quintessence Subscription
Lindsey Pikos, D.D.S. ’14

Richard Hunt Award for Teaching Excellence
Dr. Ibrahim Duqum, Prosthodontics

Robert E. Tormey, Jr. Memorial Award
Kerry Baumann, D.D.S. ’14

Sara O’Daniel Dental Assisting Clinical Experience Award
Jessica Todloski, D.A. ’14

Sheila Harris Award
Kiara Garcia, D.A. ’14

Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene Honor Society
Melissa Clark, D.H. ’14
Briana Crump, D.H. ’14
Jonathan Faranda, D.H. ’14
Abigal Harward, D.H. ’14
Kerri Stewart, D.H. ’14

Southeastern Academy of Prosthodontics Award
Shango Etienne, D.D.S. ’14

Student Research Jamed Baldwin Mentor Award
Dr. Eric Everett, Pediatric Dentistry

Susan P. Foy Award
Karen Carver, D.D.S. ’14

UNC Community Leadership Awards
Lela Farmer, D.D.S. ’14
Veronica Matthews, D.D.S. ‘15
Christopher Walker, D.D.S. ‘16
Brian Swift, D.D.S. ’17

Whip Mix “Best of the Best” Award in Prosthodontics
Eric Draper, D.D.S. ’14

Zane Eargle, Jr. Award
Min Yang Dong, D.D.S. ’16