Appointments, Faculty and Staff

Dr. Tim Wright Recommended Chair of Pediatric Dentistry

Dear Colleagues:

I am extremely pleased to advise you that I have recommended to the University that Dr. J. Timothy Wright be appointed as the next Chair of Pediatric Dentistry, to succeed Dr. Michael Roberts, here at UNC Chapel Hill. This appointment is to be effective 1 July 2004.

This is an extremely important appointment for the School of Dentistry and its Pediatric Dentistry Department. First, we ensure that the Department will be led by a nationally and internationally regarded Pediatric Dentist. Doctor Wright has enormous stature in academic dentistry, the specialty of Pediatric Dentistry, as well as the research community. Second, we ensure that we retain Dr. Wright for UNC, thereby reinforcing our reputation for excellence in Pediatric Dentistry, as well in the area of state-of-the-art genetic and genomics research. Third, Dr. Wright is a wonderful teacher and mentor, and his positive approach to guiding students and young faculty will be well received. Fourth, Dr. Wright is a strong and active clinician, who relates equally well to the Pediatric Residents as to the practicing community, including the Pediatric Dentistry alumni. In short, I cannot think the Department could be guided and directed by a better all around leader than Dr. Wright.

This is not the time for formal thanks to Dr. Mike Roberts, and all the superb things he has accomplished as Pediatric Dentistry Chair at UNC Chapel Hill. Suffice it to say, an appropriate moment will arise prior to the leadership handover when we will recognize Mike more formally for his service to the Department and the School. But a pat on the back now would not hurt!

In closing, please join me in congratulating Dr. Wright in agreeing to lead Pediatric Dentistry at UNC, and on his taking this next and major step of his career.

John W. Stamm, DDS