Dental Foundation, Scholarships

2003-2004 UNC School of Dentistry Scholarship Winners

The Dental Foundation of North Carolina is pleased to announce that scholarships totaling nearly $80,000 were recently awarded to 30 deserving DDS candidates and dental hygiene students. These scholarship funds were generously donated to the Dental Foundation by alumni and friends of the School of Dentistry for the support of the future generations of dental students. Our sincere congratulations to the following students.

Claude Adams Jr. Scholarship

Jennifer Pfieffer, Class of 2007
Noriko Satake, Class of 2006
Ruma Simhan, Class of 2007
Jospeh Younger, Class of 2006

 Dr. Robert Russell Clark Memorial Scholarship

Nolan Davis, Class of 2004
Jonelle Grant, Class of 2006
Anna Kirakozova, Class of 2005
Jason Pollei, Class of 2006
Paula Stapleton, Class of 2007 

Dental Friends Scholarship

Chad Rinehart, Class of 2004

 Dr. James Baldwin Hancock Memorial Scholarship

                    William Drake, Class of 2006

Dr. Edmund Baxter Hopkins Memorial Scholarship

Shannon Dudley, Class of 2005

 Linda Paschall Jarvis Memorial Scholarship

Cooke Adams, Class of 2004

Kendrick, Kendrick & Petersen Scholarship

Elysa de Morais, Class of 2006

 Morgan Family Scholarship

Stacy Schmitt, Class of 2005
Brandon Williams, Class of 2004

 Dr. H. V. Murray, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

          David Stoker, Class of 2004

Robert W. and Maude B. Outland Scholarship

Carlton Adams, Class of 2007
Craig Dorion, Class of 2007

Raynor/Ferguson Scholarship

        Trevor Jensen, Class of 2007

Raynor/Garcia Scholarship

Jason Annan, Class of 2005

Raynor/Holland Scholarship

Anthony Nettey-Marbell, Class of 2006

Raynor/Miska Scholarship

Julie Robinson, Class of 2005

Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Sain Scholarship

Joel Yates, Class of 2006 

Clarence Lee Sockwell Scholarship

          Joel Yates, Jr., Class of 2006

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. “Dink” Styers Scholarship

John Sweeney, Class of 2004

Lois E. Taylor Scholarship

Angelina Marcil, Class of 2007

 University Dental Associate Scholarship

Crystal McCleary, Class of 2006 

Dr. Michael A. “Mickey” Webb Scholarship

Bradfort Picot, Class of 2006

 James Gurney and Ruth Williams Scholarship

Sherrill Caldwell, Class of 2007