CCID Research Day Poster Winners Announced

TCCID Research Day was held on May 8, 2003, at the Friday Continuing Education Center. The program was very successful with participation by 24 presenters in the poster competition, excellent speakers in the basic and population sciences, and research participants who offered new and innovative ideas for future collaborations. The posters in the competition were of the highest quality. It is clear that the future of research in inflammatory disorders holds much promise. Congratulations to the first prize winners who received $1,000 each and the second place winners who received $500 each.

Predoctoral Basic Science. First place prizes were awarded to Christine Burillo-Kirch, graduate student in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology for “CTxB induced apoptosis in Tc1 T cells involves capases and JNK” and to Heather Seitz, graduate student in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology for “Relationship of novel receptor tyrosine kinases in phagocytosis of apoptotic cells.”

Postdoctoral Basic Science. First place prizes were awarded to Aurea De Sousa, postdoctoral fellow in Cell and Molecular Physiology for “Localization of Myosin-X at filopodial tips is abolished by point mutations in the motor domain” and to Luda Diatchenko, Research Associate Professor in the Department of Endodontics, for “A systematic identification of modulators of the Nf-Kb Signaling Pathway through Genome-wide survey of monocyte adherence-induced genes.”

Postdoctoral Population Science. First prize was shared between John Elter, Research Assistant Professor in Dental Ecology for “Periodontitis, edentulism and plasma lipids: The ARIC study” and Daniel J. Caplan, Assistant Professor in Dental Ecology for “Endodontic inflammation and time to coronary heart disease.”

Invited speakers from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill included: Becky Worthylake, Cell and Molecular Physiology, “RhoA regulates directional migration of leukocytes”; Sergei Makarov, Endodontics & Thurston Arthritis Center, “Too much of a good thing: Mesemchymal stem cells in arthritis;” Kathleen Light, Psychiatry, “Beta-adrenergic activity: Relationships to stress responses in healthy couples and women with chronic pain and distress;” John Elter, Dental Ecology, “Use of endothelial function testing in periodontal treatment trials;” and Rosemary McKaig and Ada Rey, Dental Ecology, “Oral Health Works for blue collar women in eastern NC: Methods and results.” Visiting from the Boston University School of Dental Medicine, Thomas Van Dyke, Periodontology and Oral Biology, spoke on the “Role of phagocytic activation and signaling in periodontal disease.”

Pictured left to right: Luda Diatchenko, Dan Caplan, Aurea De Sousa, John Elter, Heather Seitz, Patrick Flood, and Christine Burillo-Kirch