Special Care Dentistry Association (SCDA)

The Special Care Dentistry Association is a new student interest group at the Adams School of Dentistry this semester. With enough interest, we will hopefully be transitioning to an official chapter of the Special Care Dentistry Association (SCDA).

SCDA was formed to encompass hospital dentistry, dentistry for people with disabilities, and geriatric dentistry. The mission of SCDA is to be a resource for oral health professionals interested in serving patients with special needs and to increase access to oral healthcare for patients with special needs.

Special care in the eyes of the SCDA includes any health or lifestyle situation that may require additional consideration during dental treatment – this can range from hearing or vision impairments to acquired disabilities, old age, developmental or intellectual disabilities, chronic disease, etc.

We are excited to bring a chapter of SCDA to UNC so that dental students have the opportunity to learn to better serve all patients and to provide a much needed space for students to engage in conversations, experiences, and efforts to become more knowledgeable providers.