Professional Development

Professional Development and Faculty Affairs

The goal of professional development at the Adams School of Dentistry is to support full-time faculty throughout their academic careers. Specific goals include:

  1. To develop guidelines for mentoring faculty through their career development.
  2. To host an open forum twice a year with faculty to discuss and address questions about promotion, tenure, and career development.
  3. To coordinate and sponsor a faculty enrichment series on teaching, scholarship and service for all full-time faculty.
  4. To be a resource to department chairs with the mentoring of faculty.
  5. To evaluate and recognize participation in the Formal Mentoring Program.

For more information on professional development, contact the Associate Dean for Professional Development and Faculty Affairs, Rebecca Wilder.

Involvement Opportunities

Faculty have the opportunity to be involved in a number of activities that promote growth and interaction. The program includes the following:

  • Formal mentoring program for junior faculty
  • New faculty orientation
  • Assistance with award nominations/applications
  • Consultation with faculty regarding career advancement
  • Consultation with faculty applicants regarding the School of Dentistry faculty development program
  • Curriculum vitae/teaching portfolio/dossier development and evaluation
  • Faculty development enrichment series seminars/presentations
  • Clinical update series seminars/presentations
  • “Teach Back” seminars/presentations
  • Peer evaluation of teaching
  • Participation with Center for Faculty Excellence
  • Solicitation and identification of faculty for development offerings through the Academy for Academic Leadership and the American Dental Education Association

Mentoring Program

In 2008, the UNC Adams School of Dentistry recommitted to faculty development. Over the years, that commitment grew into a formal faculty mentoring program, which was formally implemented in 2013. The purpose of the program is to improve and advance the skills of the school’s faculty.

This effort, spearheaded and directed by Professor Rebecca Wilder, aligns existing senior faculty with new, junior faculty members in a mentor/mentee pairing. When hired, a departmental contact is appointed for the junior faculty member. Assistant professors participate in the mentoring program and are also assigned a mentoring team.

To learn more or to get involved, contact Associate Dean for Professional Development and Faculty Affairs, Rebecca Wilder.

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