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Webinars for Contemporary Global Trends in Clinical Dentistry and Future Perspectives

DentAlliance is a collaboration of four prestigious dental schools with each bringing their world leading expertise to enhance professional practice in dentistry. Together, we present a program that delivers global insights into contemporary trends in clinical dentistry and future perspectives.

This exciting program features engaging content, practical case studies, hands-on training, and clinical insights from a range of experts. Examine the latest in emerging trends and innovations in dentistry, alongside topical discussion and live Q&As.

The program will include one-day of online webinars and face-to face clinical workshops held at each of the partner universities, offering the following:

  • Program overview webinar
  • Eight online webinars
  • Two face-to-face workshops

Webinar Descriptions

Digital Planning for Esthetic and Functional Success
Facilitated by Drs. Ingeborg De Kok, Wendy Clark, Renata Camino Navarro and Ibrahim Duqum (University of North Carolina)

“Fundamentals of digital capture, planning and communication”

Speakers will review the basic principles that guide the digital process and how it can be applied in the clinical dental practice. Particlar emphasis will be given to understanding the process and indications of 2D and 3D digiatal smile design and effective digital communication strategies among the dental care team.

“Clinical applications of digital dentistry in prosthetic, implant and cosmetic dentistry (patient-based presentations)”

Speakers will highlight in patient based presentation format how to employ function and esthetic determinants in digital case planning. Furthermore, additive manufacturing (3D printing) and its incorporation in esthetic diagnosis and planning will be discussed, among other frequently utilized digital tools to better patient outcomes in prosthetic, cosmetic and implant dentistry.

Crown-lengthening Surgery
Facilitated by Prof. Luigi Nibali and Dr. Emily Lu (King’s College London)

“Can we save the ‘unsavable’ teeth? What is the limit of periodontal treatment in 2020?”

This webinar will discuss how the latest advances in periodontal treatment have pushed the boundaries of what teeth affected by periodontitis can be retained. The definition of ‘hopeless’ tooth will be reviewed and both non-surgical and surgical treatment options will be described.

“Novel biologic concepts underpinning periodontitis and response to periodontal surgery”

This presentation will highlight the key biologic regulators of the junctional epithelium in health, disease and following periodontal and implant surgery. Drawing on the latest research, clinical implications of this knowledge will be discussed.

3D Orthodontic Diagnosis
Facilitated by Prof. Marie Cornelis and Assoc. Prof. Paolo Cattaneo (University of Melbourne)

“Transition from traditional to digital orthodontics: a burden or an advantage?”

Traditional orthodontic diagnosis relies on 2-dimensional images and plaster casts, with treatment outcomes heavily relying on clinical skills. Digital technology slowly made its way into the orthodontic world at the end of last century. CBCT imaging and digital models only entered our clinics at the beginning of this millennium. Does CBCT technology improve our diagnostic performance? Can 3D digital treatment planning improve outcomes?

“Digital workflows in orthodontics”

This session will describe the impact and advantages of digital technology in the field of orthodontics, with the aim of improved personalized patient care. The lecture will identify areas where digital technology can help clinicians improve orthodontic treatment. The lecture also will focus on the possibilities of CAD-CAM technology for customized treatments.

Third Molar Surgery
Webinars facilitated by Drs. Raymond C.W. Wong, Intekhab Islam and Lim Li Zhen (National University of Singapore)

“The wisdom behind wisdom teeth surgery”

The speaker will review the basic sciences, basic principles, surgical anatomy and techniques involved in surgical removal of the third molar. He will then go through the common complications that may occur with an overview of the updated evidence for management.

“Clinical and radiographic evaluation, case selection and risk management”

The speakers will review the criteria on case selection, how to evaluate the patient clinically and radiographically and stratify how to minimize risks in case selection.

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