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ACDE: Endogastritis: Causes and Cures

The UNC Adams School of Dentistry in conjunction with the Association for Continuing Dental Education (ACDE), along with 30 of its member schools jointly presents the “ACDE LIVE Webinar Series.”

This series features university-based key opinion leaders presenting numerous topics on multiple dates and times. Presentations are available to meet every dental health care professional’s schedule and interests.

Webinar Description

Endogastritis has been defined as pain in the abdomen—particularly the mucous membrane lining of the stomach—caused by untoward incidents that occur during root canal therapy or are discovered following root canal therapy. Such symptoms may arise upon:

1) Seeing red in the post preparation or noticing a post perforation in the post cementation radiograph;

2) Placing a 21mm instrument in a root canal and having only 18mm of length attached to the handle when you remove it;

3) Locating a fractured root requiring extraction;

4) Finding most of the post remaining in the root when the patient’s crown unexpectedly dislodges.

The treatment for endogastritis is prevention of the underlying problem. When you are faced with the predicament, the best approach is a period of contemplation followed by a coordinated treatment plan to correct it.

Educational Objectives
Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Understand the concept of Endogastritis and how to prevent it
  • Develop a treatment for root perforation repair
  • Establish a treatment approach for fractured post removal

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