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Sterilization Monitoring Service

The Oral Microbiology Laboratory (OML) provides diagnostic clinical microbiology, microbiological research, microbiology training and sterilization monitoring services specifically related to oral microbiology and its application to the following:

  • Identification and assessment of oral bacterial populations in oral flora studies
  • Post-treatment of oral infection
  • Bacterial test for caries risk
  • Monitoring of sterilization equipment unique to the dental practice

In addition to these services this unit has been responsible for monitoring the water quality in the Adams School of Dentistry’s dental unit water lines for bacterial contamination.

The OML provides:

  • Clinical diagnostic services (CDS) to both the university and regional dental practitioners.
  • Sterilization monitoring services (SMS) to the practicing dentists in the region.
  • Analytical services to research programs of academic and corporate sectors.
  • Elective courses to dental students in oral microbiology.
  • Monitoring of dental unit water lines for the school.
  • Quarterly newsletter on microbiology concerns and issues for service subscribers
  • Sterilization Monitoring Service Registration Form


  • Provide individual bar codes for each sterilizer to insure proper identification and accuracy of recording test strips.
  • Positive control provided with each test.
  • Positive strips are reported within 24 hours by phone to your office.
  • Problem-solving advice and suggestions.
  • Certificate of participation provided annually upon compliance with North Carolina state laws.
  • Monthly reports for verifying current testing status.
  • This service operators in accordance to the North Carolina state law (Title 21, North Carolina Administrative Code, Subchapter 16J .0003, Rules and Regulations of the North Carolina State Board of Dental Examiners).
    This rule adopted all infection control procedures published in the Journal of the American Dental Association, volume 116, February 1988. This adoption makes it law to test sterilizers with biological indicators (spore strips) weekly.
  • The Board has the power and authority to discipline a non-compliant dentist (Dental Laws of North Carolina, Chapter 90, Article 2, and Section 90-41.
  • Laboratory meets the standards for licensure by U.S. Department of Health and Human Services/Health Care Financing Administration.
  • Laboratory is CLIA license.
  • Independent testing at low competitive fees.


Shipping Number of Weeks Cost of Packet Autoclaves
Quarterly 13 $75
Bi-Annually 26 $150