Anything But Dentistry Club

Many student organizations at the Adams School of Dentistry focus on our common interest in dentistry. However, we all have rich lives outside of the school as well. The purpose of ABDC is to share our non-dental related passions with each other in a casual lecture-style format.

ABDC provides an avenue for students, faculty, and friends of the school to take a break from the details of dentistry and enjoy our lunch hour in low stakes, relaxing, informative, and engaging events.

Practice your public speaking skills and learn anything from “Beer Brewing, Styles, and Demystification” to “How to fix a toilet” as a member of the Anything But Dentistry Club!

Executive Officers and Advisors

Coordinators: Brandon Gibson, DDS 2022; Ellen Stewart, DDS 2022; Shadoe Stewart, DDS 2022