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Nearly 2,000 Hours of Service Provided on Sixth Annual Day of Service  

A total of 475 volunteers provided 1,918 hours of service to the local community during the UNC Adams School of Dentistry’s sixth annual day of service, DEAH DAY (Directing Efforts And Honoring Deah And Yusor), which honors the memory of the late Deah Barakat and Yusor Abu-Salha. 

“I am incredibly inspired by the commitment of our student body to continue to memorialize the lives of Deah, Yusor and Razan despite the unique challenges presented by COVID-19,” said UNC Adams School of Dentistry Dean, Scott De Rossi, DMD, MBA. 

“Even in this new and unusual environment, they found ways to take care of our local community by cleaning up trails, providing virtual oral health education and free oral health care, among others. I am proud to be dean of a school that values passionate service of its community so highly and continue to be humbled by the collective heart of service at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry. 

This year’s efforts spanned 3sites across four counties and nine cities in North Carolina, including six virtual volunteer opportunities 

As a part of this year’s service, volunteers provided free dental care in clinics across the Triangle, including the CAARE clinic in Durham, the Vidas de Esperanza Clinic in Siler City, and at Carolina Dentistry in Chapel HillVolunteers at the DYOR clinic, named for Deah and Yusor in Raleigh, North Carolina, provided $4,312 worth of care to seven patients.  

Volunteers also delivered food with Meals on Wheels and seeded crops with Food Shuttle Farms, cleared nature trails with the NC Botanical Garden and Ellerbee Creek Watershed, arranged and restocked food bank shelves, and much more.   

“The motto #LiveLikeDeah, which encourages us to not only serve our communities but also work towards inclusivity, is something I truly believe in and aligns closely to my personal values,” said fourth-year dental student, Rosa Munoz-Aldape, DEAH DAY co-coordinator.  

“When we celebrate DEAH DAY, I hope our volunteers are able to renew their commitment to serving our communities and helping create spaces where we support each other regardless of our backgrounds.”

The full impact of the day of service includes:  

  • 3 acres of UNC-Chapel Hill campus cleaned  
  • 59 bags of trash collected along two miles of shoreline 
  • 89 patients treated (approximately $33,170 of in-kind oral health care) at Carolina Dentistry 
  • 108 bags of PPE distributed 
  • 295 meals delivered to those in need
  • 500 bags of groceries delivered 
  • 1,137 plants planted 
  • 2,700 pounds of food packaged 
  • 4,000 bags of sand packed for Ronald McDonald House fundraiser (approx. $70,000 toward fundraiser) 
  • 10,00diapers wrapped 

The annual DEAH DAY talent show was held virtually, which benefits the Dental Student Health Action Collation (SHAC) clinic, where Deah volunteered as a dental student, and the DYOR clinic.  

This year’s DEAH DAY kickoff event was a presentation through Our Three Winners, by Deah’s sister, Dr. Suzanne Barakat, who spoke to attendees on Islamophobia and inclusivity.  

“This year’s efforts continue the legacy of Deah, Yusor, and Razan by finding creative ways to continue to celebrate their lives despite COVID-19,” said Munoz-Aldape.  

“In addition to some of our traditional sites, we were able to host new virtual and remote options such as card writing and discussing dental careers with grade school students. We had an incredible turnout, and I am incredibly thankful to our team and everyone who participated this year.” 

Barakat, a member of the school’s DDS Class of 2017, and Abu-Salha, an incoming member of the DDS Class of 2019, were two of three victims of a fatal shooting in February 2015.  

Following their deaths, students at the UNC Adams School of Dentistry wanted to establish something that would truly represent Barakat and Abu-Salha, and that could encourage future students to give back to their community the way Barakat and Abu-Salha did during their lives.  

Student leadership agreed a day of service was the best way to preserve their memory and, with school leadership agreement, they created DEAH DAY.  

The inaugural DEAH DAY was held on Sept. 15, 2015, a mere seven months after the shooting. DEAH DAY continues to occur on an annual basis.  

Barakat and Abu-Salha had been married six weeks at the time of their deaths. The third victim was Razan Abu-Salha, a sophomore at North Carolina State University and Yusor’s younger sister. The couple had planned to travel to Turkey to provide dental care to Syrian refugees and, following their graduations from the UNC Adams School of Dentistry, they planned to open a dental practice together.   

Click here to see photos from this year’s event.