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Williams and Davis Place at National Dental Association Abstract Competition 

Two students from the UNC-CH Adams School of Dentistry placed in a national research competition at the National Dental Association’s Annual Convention.  

Beatrice Williams, DDS Candidate 2021, earned first place in the Student National Dental Association’s (SNDA) Abstract Competition. As the first place winner, she received $3,000. Williams was the only female nationally to place in this competition. 

Michael Davis, DDS Candidate 2020, earned fourth place, demonstrating the school’s strength and excellence in research.  

Williams’ research project investigates the physiological and quality of life improvements of HIV patients who visit the dentist as well as the lifestyle factors that contribute to these improvements and ART adherence. Her research mentor is Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque, DDS, PhD.  

“Research has consistently served as a medium through which I explore my passions for science and patient care,” said Williams. “This three-year project embodies my comprehensive approach to dentistry and emphasizes the co-dependency between oral and systemic health. In addition to contributing to a public health textbook, the findings from this project will be used in policy changes that affect how we medically treat people living with HIV.” 

Michael’s project investigates the impact of silver diamine fluoride on early childhood caries.  

“I am very fortunate to have a mentor, faculty member Beau Meyer, who has continued to support me and my developing research interests,” said Davis. “[As I am] new to the field of research, I am honored to have been amongst such dynamic investigators. This award encourages me to continue to champion new studies to provide better care to the pediatric patients that I will one day serve.” 

“Research creates remarkable opportunities to uncover unexpected relationships and correlations among seemingly different variables,” said Williams. “I believe that with drive and curiosity, there truly is no limit to what can be accomplished and I look forward to seeing what future discoveries I find.” 

The UNC-CH Adams School of Dentistry’s SNDA Chapter was also recognized with the third place Chapter of the Year award.

The National Dental Association promotes oral health equity among people of color by harnessing the collective power of its members, advocating for the needs of and mentoring dental students of color, and raising the profile of the profession in our communities.  

For over 100 years, the NDA has been a national forum for minority dentists and a leader in advancing their rights within the dental profession, the armed services, the government, and the private sector. Through scholarships and support programs, the NDA promotes dentistry as a viable profession.