Orthodontics Residents

Meng Deng

Meng Deng, Orthodontics Class of 2022, was born and raised in Lanzhou, a city in northwest China with the Yellow River passing by and breezy summer nights along the riverbank.

For college, he moved to Chengdu, a magnet in southwest China known for fiery cuisine and giant panda. He graduated from West China School of Stomatology, Sichuan University with a bachelor’s degree in dentistry and a master’s in endodontics and operative dentistry.

Then he ventured over the Pacific Ocean to attend the UNC Adams School of Dentistry, where he pursued a PhD in oral craniofacial biomedicine with focus into immunology. He has been recognized by AAI-Thermo Fisher Trainee Achievement Award, AAI Trainee Abstract Award, Keystone Symposia Scholarship, UNC-CH LCCC Graduate Fellow Award, Freedland Advanced Dental Education Fellowship, and the NCAADR Derek T. Turner Finalist Award.

Now he is thrilled to continue his Carolina education in orthodontics. In his free time, Dr. Deng enjoys traveling, hiking, swimming, diving, soccer and spending time with family and friends.