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Recap: 2019 International Association for Dental Research Annual Meeting 

The 2019 International Association for Dental Research (IADR), the American Association for Dental Research (AADR) and the Canadian Association for Dental Research (CADR) held their annual meeting in Toronto, Canada.  

Antonio Amelio, PhD, received the first place 2019 IADR Joseph Lister Award for New Investigators. Read more here. 

Julie Marchesan, DDS, PhD, received the AADR Anne D. Haffajee Fellowship. Read more here.

Apoena De Aguiar Ribeiro, DDS, MS, PhD, received the IADR) Cariology Research Group Science award. Read more here.

Singwai Wong, DDS, MS, PhD, second-year periodontology resident, was selected as a finalist in the 2019 AADR Hatton Awards competition. He was one of six finalists to compete in the Hatton Awards.  

The UNC-CH Adams School of Dentistry’s Student Research Group was recognized as the Local Student Research Group Chapter Award. Read more here. 

The following UNC-CH Adams School of Dentistry faculty were named during the AADR announcement of 2019-2020 Board of Directors and committees.   

  • J. Timothy Wright, DDS, MS: President, AADR 
  • Jane Weintraub, DDS, MPH: Chair, Ethics in Dental Research Committee 
  • Kimon Divaris, DDS, PhD: AADR Representative, IADR/AADR Publications Committee 
  • Eric Everett, MS, PhD: Chair, Science Information Committee; National Student Research Group Faculty Advisors 

The following faculty and students were chairs of oral sessions during the annual meeting.  

  • Gary Slade, BDS, DPH, PhD: co-chair of the “Temporomandibular Disorders: Pain Mechanisms and Treatments” oral session 
  • Kevin Byrd, DDS, PhD: chair of the “Regulation of Stem Cells” oral session 
  • Shannyn Little, DDS: co-chair of the NSRG sponsored hands on workshop, “Sage Advice for Navigating a Research-focused Career,” and the symposium, “Transition to Clinic and Translation of Research: Adoption and Implementation of Dental Research in Your Dental Practice.” 
  • Patricia Miguez, DDS, MS: co-chair of hands on workshop, “Tenure x Non-tenure: Which Career Track is Right for You?” and invited lunch and learn session, “Understanding the Role of Extracellular Matrix in Mineralized Tissue Homeostasis.” 
  • Ching-Chang Ko, DDS, MS, PhD: co-chair of the keynote address, “Biomimetic and Bioinspired Scaffolds for Hard Tissue Regeneration.” 
  • Di Wu, PhD: co-chair of the keynote address, “Caries Management and Microbiome.”