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Webster-Cyriaque Honored for Outstanding Achievement by Old North State Dental Society

Dr. Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque, professor in the Department of Dental Ecology, was recently awarded the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award by the Old North State Dental Society (ONSDS).

“Being honored with this award is a touching and humbling recognition,” said Webster-Cyriaque.

The Outstanding Achievement Award recognizes a member of ONSDS who has made significant contributions to dentistry through service and leadership which advanced the health of those in North Carolina, the U.S. and around the globe. It was presented at the 2015 ONSDS Annual Meeting in Greensboro, N.C.

Webster-Cyriaque has dedicated her career to understanding the pathogenesis of oral diseases and malignancies. During her career, her research has been published in numerous scientific journals and she is considered a thought leader with regard to many oral conditions. Her primary research focuses are HIV and cancer as they relate to the oral cavity, as well as oral viruses and bacteria.

The ONSDS was established in the mid-1900s after separating from its parent organization, the Old North State Medical, Dental and Pharmaceutical Society. Since that time, the ONSDS membership has promoted the health of the people in North Carolina. The organization is active in patient care, service, contributing to the advancement of dental education, and aiding in the enactment of just dental laws. ONSDS strives to encourage the exchange of ideas and the advancement in dental health.