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Mitchell Starts Appointment as Director of Undergraduate Dental Hygiene Programs

Professor Shannon Mitchell recently began her new appointment as director of the school’s Undergraduate Dental Hygiene Programs. Most recently, she’d been serving in this role in an interim capacity.

“I am thankful and honored to be selected as the director of the UNC dental hygiene programs,” said Mitchell. “I look forward to working with everyone in the dental school to build intra professional relationships and am excited to work with an amazing team of educators. I am also honored to work with outstanding students in the DDS, dental hygiene, graduate and dental assisting programs.”

As program director, Mitchell will be responsible for the administration of the pre-licensure dental hygiene programs (certificate and Bachelor of Science). Her primary responsibilities include curriculum development, implementation and evaluation, as well as supervising dental hygiene faculty and staff. She will monitor program outcomes and measures of effectiveness, and use the results for program improvement. Directing the program also includes serving as chair or member of dental hygiene program and school committees. In addition, she will direct and coordinate University, SACS and CODA accreditation applications in conjunction with the Office of Academic Affairs. Mitchell will also continue to teach in the DDS, graduate and dental hygiene programs as well as conduct research and provide service to the community.

“I am delighted that Professor Mitchell will direct her unending energy, enthusiasm and multitude of talents toward elevating our dental hygiene programs to new levels of excellence in the years ahead,” said Dr. Lauren Patton, chair of the Department of Dental Ecology. “I look forward to seeing the vision of increased team-based collaboration across the school’s educational programs come to reality under her leadership. Our students are truly fortunate to have her in this new leadership role.”

Mitchell received her Bachelor of Science in dental hygiene from Old Dominion University in 1983 and a Master in Dental Auxiliary Teacher Education from the UNC School of Dentistry in 1990. Since joining the faculty that same year, Mitchell has been regarded highly by her fellow faculty and also her students. In fact, she’s received many Faculty Appreciation Awards and the Teaching Excellence Awards from undergraduate and graduate dental hygiene classes. This year, she received the Distinguished Alumni Award from the Old Dominion University dental hygiene program.

She holds memberships in the American Dental Education Association and the American Dental Hygienists’ Association. In 2000, she received an American Dental Education Association Presidential Citation for her leadership role with the section on dental hygiene education, specifically for the development of the clinical coordinators special interest group. She provides hands-on advanced instrumentation continuing education courses at the School of Dentistry and speaks nationally on teaching strategies that promote critical thinking.