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Katz Wins Colgate Research Award from American Association of Women Dentists

Lauren Katz, DDS Candidate 2015, has been named a recipient of the 2014 Colgate Research Awards, presented through the American Association of Women Dentists (AAWD) in recognition of her outstanding research while enrolled at the UNC School of Dentistry.

“It’s an honor to receive this recognition from the American Association of Women Dentists,” said Katz. “I’ve been fortunate at UNC to be empowered to pursue my research goals while in dental school, and look forward to continuing to do so in the future.”

The award annually recognizes 10 third-year or fourth-year female dental students who have shown excellence in research. It is designed to support women in dentistry as they enter the field of dental research. As a recipient, Katz receives a $500 award.

Katz was selected for her research on a gene mutation that manifests in cleft palate. Her research has been conducted solely on mice. She started work on this project with her mentor, Dr. Eric Everett, the school’s associate dean for research, prior to her first year in the DDS program upon receiving the UNC DDS Short-term Research Fellowship. Currently, Katz is working to have the research published.

“Lauren continues to work hard and we are all quite proud of her,” said Everett. “She has been honored several times while a dental student for her research accomplishments. We are fortunate that Lauren is among many of her peers serving as a role model for other students.”

For more than 30 years, Colgate has partnered with AAWD to provide promising female dental students with this award.