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Murrah Elected American Dental Education Association Board Director for Faculties

Dr. Valerie Murrah, chair of the Department of Diagnostic Sciences, has been elected as the American Dental Education Association (ADEA) board director for faculties. She was first appointed to the ADEA Council of Faculties in 2001.

“I consider it a great honor to serve as an elected officer of ADEA, the premier organization for all who are involved in dental education,” said Murrah. “It is extremely fulfilling to give back to the profession by working to promote the highest ideals in academics and to promote exciting programs and opportunities for the students of the present and the future, all the while keeping in mind that we all continue to be students throughout our careers.”

As director of the council, Murrah will represent the interests of the Council of Faculties to the ADEA Board of Directors. She will also serve as a liaison to the council, relaying information from the ADEA Board of Directors back to the council so it can appropriately conduct business and meet the council’s objectives. The Council of Faculties comprises one faculty member representative from each dental school in the U.S., the council represents faculty nationwide and identifies and initiates projects important to dental faculty.

Murrah has served on the ADEA Administrative Board of the Council of Faculties for many years, working on key issues related to dental student competencies in recognizing soft tissue pathology, oral head and neck examination, and oral cancer detection. She is newly appointed as the ADEA board liaison to the Minority Affairs Committee, and was previously a member of the ADEA Task Force on Student Debt and Borrowing. In 2012, she was a mentor for the ADEAGies Foundation/American Association for Dental Research Dental Careers Fellowship Program.