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Dental Hygiene Class of 2014 Wins First Place in Video Contest

The Dental Hygiene Class of 2014 recently won first place the 2014 American Dental Hygienists Association (ADHA)/Sunstar YouTube contest. The contest is held annually and features themes that promote good oral health habits.

“Watching what our 2014 class produced on this video was exciting and, honestly, really fun,” said Vickie Overman, director of the undergraduate dental hygiene program. “They worked hard to create a quality video about flossing, and we’re all very proud of the final product.”

The winning video features many of the class members and hits home the message that not flossing can lead to cavities. During the course of the video, viewers are reminded that flossing is an important oral health habit to maintain, even in the midst of busy lives. The video introduces a number of non-traditional floss alternatives, manufactured by Sunstar, which are more portable and less time consuming than traditional floss.

The ADHA/Sunstar YouTube video contest allows dental hygiene classes to submit videos focusing on pre-determined themes about oral health. The UNC Dental Hygiene Class of 2014’s video focused on flossing, which was an acceptable theme under the “Go In-Between” title.