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Morelli Named an International Team for Implantology (ITI) Fellow

Dr. Thiago Morelli, clinical assistant professor and director of the predoctoral periodontal program, was recently named an International Team for Implantology (ITI) fellow. It is only possible to become an ITI fellow through nomination. Morelli was nominated by a peer ITI fellow and ITI president, Dr. David Cochran, and approved by the ITI Board of Directors.

ITI fellows are professionals in implant dentistry who assume official ITI functions on the ITI board, committees or in the sections and show a high level of activity in at least one of the following areas: education, research or leadership in a professional dental organization.

“ITI is a prestigious institution who is committed to furthering the field of implant dentistry,” said Morelli. “I am excited and honored to be named an ITI fellow and will work to have the School of Dentistry as a scholarship center for the ITI Fellowship Program again”.

The International Team for Implantology was founded in 1980 by 12 experts planning ahead for the future of their field. Their objective was an alliance of specialists to pursue research and development in an important and as yet untapped medical area on a voluntary and idealistic basis. Today, the ITI has more than 15,000 members. Through its growing number of national sections, the ITI ensures the exchange of expertise and know-how via a modern, quality-conscious end efficient network. Over 30 years the ITI has built a reputation for scientific rigor coupled with a strong patient focus. The organization supports the premise of well-documented treatment guidelines backed by extensive clinical testing and long-term results. The ITI’s more than 800 fellows, who form the core of the organization, contribute their time, energy and skills and are driven by a strong sense of responsibility and idealism.