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U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar Visits UNC School of Dentistry

UNC School of Dentistry American Student Dental Association (ASDA) members had a unique opportunity to meet with U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar recently. The congressman, who represents the fourth district of Arizona, is one of two dentists currently serving in the U.S. Congress.

About 20 dental students signed up to attend the Saturday event. The group had an open forum with Gosar about current and potential governmental policies and the potential impact on current D.D.S. students in the future. After the forum, the students took Gosar for a tour of the school, complete with a visit to the simulation lab and a game of foosball in the student lounge.

“It was an absolute honor for us to welcome Dr. Gosar to UNC,” said Matt Corbin, president of the UNC ASDA chapter and main organizer of the event. “We were thrilled when the congressman contacted our chapter to visit with our students. He’s one of the most influential dentist-politicians of our day, so hearing his perspective about the future of dentistry was valuable and enlightening for us as future dentists.”

Gosar is a D.D.S. graduate from Creighton Boyne School of Dentistry. After earning his dental degree, Gosar owned a private dental practice in Flagstaff, Ariz. for 25 years. He first took elected office in the 2010 elections.