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Feng Receives Honorable Mention in ADA Ethics Video Contest

The American Dental Association awarded Connie Feng, D.D.S. Candidate 2014, an honorable mention in their annual Student Ethics Video Contest. The ADA selects two videos annually as their winners – one is the grand prize winner, and the other receives an honorable mention. As the latter, Feng’s video effectively earned her second place in the competition.

Feng’s prize-winning video, Gray Areas, stars two current UNC School of Dentistry students and a white board, examining when a crown is appropriate. The video largely consists of white board illustrations to match narration about dental ethics in private practice. The narrator explains that what you do in the gray areas of practice, where you have a choice between the patient’s benefit and that of your own, defines you and your character as a dentist.

The Student Ethics Video Contest strives to raise awareness of ethical dilemmas that dental students and dental professionals face. Students and student groups are eligible for the contest and all submitted videos must depict an ethical dilemma that highlights one of the five principles, codes or advisory opinions in the ADA Code.

“This video focused on the ‘gray areas’ that newly-graduated dentists will be facing in the real world of private practice,” said Feng. “It brings up the issues of balancing your own needs and the best interest of our patients. Once we graduate, we are acting as dental professionals who are trusted to serve the public with our knowledge and integrity. If this video causes pause and thought for new dentists, it has accomplished its intent. I am thankful for the opportunity to work with my colleagues Dr. Chris Vo, David Samuelson, Veronica Grannis and Stephanie Rounds to bring this project to life.”