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Carestream Dental Donates Cone Beam CT System to School of Dentistry

Carestream Dental, an industry-leading dental imaging company, recently agreed to donate one of its newest cone beam CT (CBCT) systems to the School of Dentistry for use in the UNC Craniofacial Center (UNC CFC).

The UNC Craniofacial Center served as a strong advocate for the donation as the equipment will benefit both the School of Dentistry and UNC CFC’s craniofacial patients. These efforts were championed by Dr. Luiz Pimenta, UNC CFC dental director; Dr. John van Aalst, UNC CFC director of plastic and reconstructive surgery; and Dr. Omri Emodi, current craniofacial fellow.

“We’re really pleased that Carestream Dental wanted to share this technology with us for the betterment of our patients,” said Pimenta. “As an American Cleft Palate Craniofacial Association-endorsed center, we believe we’re leaders in providing care for those with craniofacial abnormalities. Having companies like Carestream Dental donate cutting-edge technology for use with our patients is critical to early diagnosis and providing the best care possible to our patients.”

Carestream Dental is providing the school with a new CS 9300 system, an all-in-one imaging solution with 3D, panoramic and cephalometric imaging. Offering multiple fields of view, the CS 9300 enhances diagnostic capabilities which will allow students to focus on specific regions of interest. This state-of-the-art, low-dose imaging solution is designed for both dental and ear, nose and throat (ENT) imaging. The system, which provides panoramic, sinus, temporal bone and CBCT images, will allow the team at UNC CFC to obtain high-quality scans while limiting radiation exposure to the patient.

“What will really be of great use to us at UNC CFC is the ability to scan incredibly small areas of the head and neck,” said van Aalst, director of plastic and reconstructive surgery at UNC CFC. “The new technology allows us to easily and quickly scale our images while maintaining the quality and low-radiation dose. That’s a huge benefit to our patients.”

UNC CFC, a multidisciplinary entity within the UNC School of Dentistry, treats patients with cleft lip, cleft palate and other craniofacial anomalies. The center takes a team care approach, providing all the specialists the patients and their families will need to get them through the often multiple procedures. Aside from the surgical team members, UNC CFC also employs psychologists, speech therapists and geneticists, among others, to provide the patient and the family with the full scope of care.

“Training on the CS 9300, the industry’s latest technology in high quality imaging, provides a diagnostic baseline essential to the success of future dentists”, said Edward Shellard, D.M.D., chief marketing officer and director of business development. “Carestream Dental is proud to share the newest development in imaging technologies with the UNC Craniofacial Center to support the growth of early diagnosis – key to effective treatment and the evolution of the dental profession.”

Carestream Dental provides industry-leading imaging, software and practice management solutions for dental and oral health professionals. With more than 100 years of industry experience, Carestream Dental products are used by seven out of 10 practitioners globally and deliver more precise diagnoses, improved workflows and superior patient care. For more information, visit www.carestreamdental.com.