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School of Dentistry Graduate Students Honored at UNC Graduate School Recognition Celebration

Eleven Master of Science students from the School of Dentistry were honored for exceptional contribution to research at the recent Annual UNC Graduate School Recognition Celebration. Each student received full or partial funding for his or her research project through a student-initiated application to a funding source external to the University. School of Dentistry student projects were supported by the American Association of Endodontics, American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Southern Association of Orthodontics and Procter & Gamble.

“These students are what make us a leading research university – they are the lifeblood of the research enterprise,” remarked Dr. Steven Matson, dean of the UNC Graduate School. “The day-to-day collaboration among graduate students and faculty members is inspiring, and produces innovation that benefits our state, our nation and our world.”

Honored Students Program Mentor
Dr. Neker Bernuy Orthodontics Dr. Eric Everett
Dr. Crystal Cox Orthodontics Dr. Ching-Chang Ko
Dr. Kerry Dove Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Martha Ann Keel
Dr. Travis Hicks Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Mike Roberts
Dr. Matthew Larson Orthodontics Dr. Ching-Chang Ko
Dr. Catherine Long Pediatric Dentistry Dr. Rocio Quinonez
Dr. Glenn McCall Orthodontics Dr. Ceib Phillips
Dr. Steven Richardson Endodontics Dr. Ceib Phillips
Dr. Maura Slack Orthodontics Dr. Ceib Phillips
Dr. Cameron Walker Orthodontics Dr. John Ludlow
Dr. Sheng Zhong Endodontics Dr. Asma Khan


“We are so proud of each of these students for their accomplishments and their initiative in pursuing their research,” said Dr. Ceib Phillips, Assistant Dean for Graduate and Advanced education at the School of Dentistry. “We look forward to many wonderful accomplishments from each of them as they continue their dental careers.”