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2011 Spurgeon Awards Announced

More than 200 students, faculty and staff members and other guests attended the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry’s 2011 Spurgeon Dental Society Annual Awards Banquet on April 6.

The event, coordinated by the Office of Academic Affairs and the Spurgeon Dental Society, is designed to recognize faculty, staff and student contributions to the profession of dentistry and to the academic mission of the School.

Spurgeon officers are Elise Watson, president and third-year dental student; Abbey Hawkins, vice president and second-year dental student; Ashley Porter, treasurer and first-year dental student; Annie Hoyle, secretary and first-year dental hygiene student; and Dr. Mike Stella, graduate representative and periodontology resident.

Dr. Lee Boushell, assistant professor of operative dentistry, received the Richard F. Hunt Memorial Award for Excellence in Predoctoral Teaching, the School’s most prestigious teaching award. Students nominate and select the recipient of this honor, which is in memory of Dr. Richard F. Hunt, a member of the DDS Class of 1955.

Following is a full list of the awards and recipients:

American College of Dentists Outstanding Student Leadership Award Maggie Wright Fetner
Alpha Omega Award Nicholas Kain
Hinman Scholars (DDS) Thomas Covington
Taylor McFarland
International College of Dentists Student Leadership Award Patrick Galloway
James Harrell Award for Citizenship and Leadership Rebecca Glover Andrews
Omicron Kappa Upsilon Dental Honor Society Inductees (8) Tyler Ellison, Maggie Fetner, Patrick Galloway, Christian Johnson, Nicholas Kain, Lauren Kennedy, Jessica Oliver, Chris Planer
Pierre Fauchard Academy Senior Student Recognition Award Kate Donovan
Pierre Fauchard Scholarship (DDS3) Kevin Ricker
Robert Tormey, Jr. Award Stephanie Chambers
Zane Eargle, Jr. Award Lindsay Carlton
American Student Dental Association Award of Excellence Catie Cunningham
American Student Dental Association Faculty Appreciation Award Dr. Ralph Leonard
Dental Assisting Clinical Achievement Award Paula Andrinopoulos
Faye Watkins Award Jane Wade
Kermit Knudtzon Award Andrea Riddick
Linda Stewart Professional Excellence Award Morgan Davis
Sara O’Daniel Dental Assisting Clinical Experience Award Minjee Showmaker
Sheila F. Harris Scholarship Melissa Lassiter
Susan Darst Scholarship Melissa Lassiter
American Association of Women Dentists Eleanor Bushee Award Rochelle Wilk
Dental Ecology Community Dentistry Award Raisa Perez Rodriguez
Marvin Block Community Health Achievement Award Patrick Galloway
American Association of Public Health Dentistry Award Taylor Edgerton
Alberta Beat Dolan Scholarship Award Julie Chen
Colgate S.T.A.R. Award
(Student Total Achievement Recognition)
Kaytren Saunders
Dental Hygiene Alumni Award Antiana Perry
Dental Hygiene Leadership Award Tina Cannon
Eleanor A. Forbes Clinical Achievement Award Tabatha Fox
Hinman Scholar (DH) Antiana Perry
Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award Tina Cannon
Linda Paschall Jarvis Memorial Scholarship Kiera Grier
Markie Thomas Award Shawnetta McDuffie
NC Dental Hygiene Academy of Advanced Studies Jennifer Hing
Procter & Gamble Award Jessie Mashburn
Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene Honor Society (4) Courtney Lindt, Allegra Farr, Antiana Perry, Jamie Hastie
Priscilla Levine Scholarship Monika Campbell
Academy of General Dentistry Awards
(2 senior student awards)
Elizabeth Kivus, Jenna Chalk
American Academy of Oral-Maxillofacial Pathology Award Tyler Ellison
American Association of Endodontics Student Achievement Award Hsin Chen
Oral Biology Award Charles Beavers
AAOMS Dental  Student Award Bobby L. Cockerham
AAOMS Dental Student Award
(OMS & anesthesiology)
Nicholas J. Kain
American Dental Society of Anesthesiology:
Horace Wells Senior Student Award
Derek Steele
Hillenbrand-Lupton Student Award Bradley Russell
Academy of Operative Dentistry Award Tyler Ellison
American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry Award Nicholas Kain
American Association of Orthodontics Award Richard Uhlir
American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Certificate of Merit Pre-Doctoral Student Award Stephanie Chambers
American Academy of Periodontology Award Patrick Galloway
Grover C. Hunter Award of Periodontology Patrick Galloway
Academy of Craniofacial Pain Award Charles Beaver
Academy of Osseointegration Award Ryan Londry
American College of Prosthodontics Award Daniel Moore
Dentsply International Award in Removable Prosthodontics Tyler Ellison
International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI)/Sullivan Schein award Dallas Oler
Monte Miska Award in Fixed Prosthodontics Jonathan Blowe
Southeastern Academy of Prosthodontics Award Lauren Manning
Whip Mix “Best of the Best” Award in Prosthodontics Ashley Harris
American Academy of Implant Dentistry Taylor McFarland
DA Awards (3):
(faculty, staff, student)
Faculty: Lynn Smith
Staff: Christa May
Student: Melissa Lassiter
DDS1 Awards (3):
(faculty, staff, student)
Faculty: Dr. Ed Swift
Staff:  Tammy Collins
Student:  Amanda Kilburn
DDS2 Awards (3):
(faculty, staff, student)
Faculty: Dr. Barry Goz
Staff: Tammy Collins
Student: Heath Brantley
DDS3 Awards (3):
(faculty, staff, student)
Faculty:  Dr. Richard Fetterman
Staff: Toby Lauster
Student: Elise Watson
DDS4 Awards (3):
(faculty, staff, student)
Faculty:  Dr. George Gerdts
Staff:  Lisa Mauldin
Student:  Maggie Fetner
DH1 Awards (3):
(faculty, staff, student)
Faculty:  Jennifer Brame
Staff:  Mary Hinrichs
Student:  Laura Gonzalez
DH2 Awards (3):
(faculty, staff, student)
Faculty:  Jennifer Brame
Staff:  Mary MacKenzie
Student:  Jennifer Hing
Dwight Clark Memorial Awards (3):
(DDS4, DH2, DA)
DDS4: Maggie Fetner
DH2: Jessie Mashburn
DA: Paula Andrinopoulous & Jane Wade
Spurgeon Staff Appreciation Award Lisa Mauldin
Student Research Achievement Award Heather Hendricks
Student Research Dedication Award Kelly Higgins
Student Research Mentor Award Dr. Rocio Quinonez
Frank Porter Graham Honor Society for Graduate and Professional Students Timothy Chang, Catie Cunningham, Stephen Hoyle, Sarah Lee, Jessica Oliver, Elise Watson, Leslie Yuan
ADA/Dentsply Student Clinician Research Program – DH and DDS Heather Hendricks (DDS), Julie Sutton (DH)
Richard Hunt Award for Teaching Excellence Dr. Lee Boushell













































































Special thanks to The Dental Foundation of North Carolina and all who contributed to this evening.