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Foundation Scholarships, Fellowships Awarded for 2009-2010

The Dental Foundation of North Carolina hosted a dinner on April 8, 2010, to honor the donors and recipients of the Foundation’s endowed scholarships and fellowships.

Those endowments permitted the Foundation to award about $250,000 in scholarship and fellowship funding to dental hygiene, DDS and post-DDS students for the 2009-2010 academic year.

“Over the 50-plus year history of the Dental Foundation of North Carolina, alumni and friends have established numerous scholarships and fellowships to help our dental assisting, dental hygiene, DDS and post-DDS students pursue their education here at the UNC School of Dentistry,” said Paul Gardner, associate dean of advancement at the School of Dentistry. “We are grateful to those generous donors who help reduce student debt and make it possible for our graduates to do the kind of work they want to do in the communities in which they want to practice.”

Below are the scholarship and fellowship recipients for the 2009-2010 academic year:

Claude Adams, Jr. Scholarship

James Purvis, Class of 2013
Paul Carruth, Class of 2012
Heath Brantley, Class of 2013
Josiah Rich, Class of 2012

Rex B. Card Scholarship

Jordan Olsen, Class of 2010

Carolina First Campaign Scholarship

Jennifer Dillon, DH Class of 2010
Kristin Fritzsche, DA Class of 2010
Rebecca Brown, DA Class of 2010
Laura Jacobs, DA Class of 2010
Yolanda Hargrove, DA Class of 2010

Dr. Robert Russell Clark Memorial Scholarship

Nicholas Kain, Class of 2011
Aaron Roberts, Class of 2010
Byron Capps, Class of 2010
Rebecca Glover, Class of 2012
Justin Valentine, Class of 2010
Kevin Ricker, Class of 2012

Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Dailey Scholarship

Kelly Higgins, Class of 2012

Delta Dental Plan of North Carolina Scholarship

Pearly Shah, Class of 2010

Dental Assisting Scholarship

Christa Cox, DA Class of 2010
Carolyn Coates, DA Class of 2010

Dental Friends Scholarship

Leslie Yuan, Class of 2013

Alberta Dolan Dental Hygiene Scholarship

Rachel Vergaray, DH Class of 2011

Dr. James Baldwin Hancock Memorial Scholarship

Thomas Covington, Class of 2012

Miguel and Carolina Hernandez Memorial Scholarship

Michael Hernandez, Class of 2013

Dr. Edmund Baxter Hopkins Memorial Scholarship

Brian Karriker, Class of 2010

Linda Paschal Jarvis Scholarship

Kiera Grier, DH Class of 2011

Kendrick, Kendrick & Petersen Scholarship

Katelyn Henderson, Class of 2013

Loblolly Dental Study Club

Elise Watson, Class of 2012

Keith T. Macdonald and Family Scholarship

Brad Russell, Class of 2011

Kenneth N. and Georgia S. May Memorial Scholarship

Elizabeth Kivus, Class of 2011

Medical Security Scholarship for Leadership in Dentistry

Charles Beavers, Class of 2011

Morgan Family Scholarship

Tate Jackson, Class of 2010
Patrick Galloway, Class of 2011

Dr. H. V. Murray, Jr. Memorial Scholarship

Brittany Semones, Class of 2010

Robert W. and Maude B. Outland Scholarship

Melissa Wilson, Class of 2013
Sarah Lee, Class of 2013

Eldon and Zetta Parks Scholarship

Katherine Donovan, Class of 2011

George and Nina Patterson Scholarship

Daniel Moore, Class of 2011

Raynor/Ferguson Scholarship

Maggie Wright Fetner, Class of 2011

Raynor/Garcia Scholarship

Lauren Kennedy, Class of 2011

Raynor/Holland Scholarship

Brett Alvey, Class of 2010

Raynor/Miska Scholarship

Jenna Alvey, Class of 2010

Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Sain Scholarship

Bethany Harris, Class of 2010

Jack and Grace Silvers Scholarship

Tate Jackson, Class of 2010
Tiffany Williams, Class of 2010
Ying Zhao, Class of 2012

Dr. Troy Sluder Scholarship

Derek Steele, Class of 2011

Clarence Lee Sockwell Scholarship

Joel Stroot, Class of 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. “Dink” Styers Scholarship

Taylor McFarland, Class of 2012

E. Bud Tarrson Family Scholarship

Savannah Gelesko, Class of 2010

Lois E. Taylor Scholarship

Lindsay Carlton, Class of 2013

Markie Wicker Thomas Memorial Scholarship

April White, DH Class of 2010

Dr. William “Bill” Tulloch Memorial Scholarship

Mark Cummings, Class of 2012

UNC Dental Alumni Association Scholarship

Mahshid Bahadoran, Class of 2010
Jane Choi, Class of 2010
Jennifer Howard, Class of 2010
Anna Evans, Class of 2011
Patrick Galloway, Class of 2011
Maggie Wright Fetner, Class of 2011

University Dental Associates Scholarship

Cameron Blair, Class of 2010

Dr. Michael A. “Mickey” Webb Scholarship

Anna Evans, Class of 2011

James Gurney and Ruth Williams Scholarship

Jason Strein, Class of 2013
Jason Pratt, Class of 2013
Matthew Gidaly, Class of 2013

Advanced Education Fellowship

Dr. Daniel Bouwens

Elsie and Baxter Sapp Fellowship

Dr. Astrid Alves Daporta
Dr. Thomas Suranyi

Ann and G. Randolph Babcock Fellowship

Dr. Sandra Al-Tarawneh
Dr. Jesse Arbon
Dr. Romina Perri
Dr. Jonathan Reside
Dr. James Rokos
Dr. Jessica Shireman
Dr. Elizabeth Miller
Dr. Caleb Corwin

Andrew M. Brooks Fellowship (Orthodontics)

Dr. Jeffrey Berndt
Dr. Jocelyn Beville
Dr. Katherine Klein

Mary Jean Breeland Fellowship (Pediatric Dentistry)

Dr. Stephanie Blumenshine Jackson
Dr. Kimon Divaris

Theodore Oldenburg Fellowship (Pediatric Dentistry)

Dr. Shannitta Bridgers
Dr. Bob Cherry
Dr. Jina Kang
Dr. Bien Lai

Jack Menius Fellowship (Pediatric Dentistry)

Dr. Kerry Anzenberger Dove
Dr. Allison Cavenaugh
Dr. Travis Hicks
Dr. Marshall Long

Jim Congleton III Fellowship (Pediatric Dentistry)

Dr. Shannitta Bridgers
Dr. Bob Cherry
Dr. Jina Kang
Dr. Bien Lai

Sandy Marks Fellowship (Pediatric Dentistry)

Dr. Shannitta Bridgers
Dr. Bob Cherry
Dr. Jina Kang
Dr. Bien Lai

Jacob Freedland Scholarship (Endodontics)

Dr. Fang Gu
Dr. Aurelia Vanderburg

Freedland Advanced Dental Education Fellowship

Dr. Nozomu Yamauchi
Dr. Kristen Fritz
Dr. Oliver Pin Harry
Dr. Supawadee Naorungroji
Dr. Greice Oliveira