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Morano Named Director of Academic Services

Dr. Matthew “Matt” Morano, whose career has specialized in the development of programs and curricula measuring and enhancing student success, has joined the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry as director of academic services.

Morano, who started work at the School on Sept. 17, was formerly a counselor within the East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine’s Academic Support and Enrichment Center. Morano also is a licensed therapist.

Among Morano’s responsibilities in his new role are coordinating student advising, personal and academic counseling; monitoring and enhancing student progress; recruitment; oversight of DDS student organizations; and management of student residency status, financial aid, scholarships and fellowships and travel.

“Dr. Morano brings to this position a breadth of experience in student counseling and advising,” said Dr. Janet Guthmiller, associate dean for academic affairs. “He has a lot of energy and a determination to help students succeed.”

Morano received his bachelor’s degree in psychology, with minors in education and philosophy, from Allegheny College. He went on to receive his M.Ed. in counseling and development from George Mason University and his doctorate in educational psychology from the University of Connecticut.

Before his position with the Brody School of Medicine, Morano was assistant director for the University of Connecticut’s Academic Center for Entering Students from 2000 to 2006. Among his accomplishments in that role were creating a campuswide advising roundtable; designing curricula for courses in life choices for undergraduates; assisting students in their educational paths; and working closely with campus organizations to support student wellness.

“I want to reinforce to the students with whom I meet, both individually and in groups, that the decisions they make regarding their overall lives will have a huge impact on their success as students and, ultimately, as dental professionals,” he said. “Life balance, nutrition, time management and professionalism – these are all topics I will stress.

“The School of Dentistry’s students have been very welcoming to me and I look forward to learning about the issues that are important to them. My door is always open.”