Awards, Faculty and Staff, Students

2008 Spurgeon Awards Are Announced

Close to 200 people attended the UNC-Chapel Hill School of Dentistry’s 2008 Spurgeon Dental Society Annual Awards Banquet, held at the Carolina Inn on April 10.

Dozens of members of the School community – faculty, staff and students – received honors for their contributions to the profession of dentistry and to the academic mission of the School of Dentistry.

Following is a list of the awards and recipients:

Spurgeon Staff Appreciation: Dr. Jim George

Dental Assisting: Lynn Smith and Amy Nguyen (faculty) and Linda Paquette (staff)

Dental Hygiene I: Charlotte Peterson and Dr. Duane Dreyer (faculty), and Joan McKenna (staff)

Dental Hygiene II: Vickie Overman, Mary George and Pat Poole (faculty), and Joan McKenna and Kristy Pickard (staff)

First-year DDS class: Drs. Al Wilder, Susan Hadler and Lee Boushell (faculty), and Lisa Mauldin and Terry Barker (staff)

Second-year DDS class: Drs. Michelle Lynch, Richard Fetterman and Susan Hadler (faculty), and Joan McKenna and Kristy Pickard (staff)

Third-year DDS class: Drs. Allen Samuelson, Ralph Leonard and Glenn Reside (faculty), and Tammy Collins and Billie “BJ” Roberts (staff)

Fourth-year DDS class: Drs. Ed Kanoy, William Murdock and Nadine Brodala (faculty), and Esther Dixon and Yan Ying Yao

Dr. Ed Kanoy received two awards at the banquet: the Richard F. Hunt Memorial Award for Excellence in Predoctoral Teaching and a faculty appreciation award from the fourth-year DDS class. Kanoy is a clinical professor of prosthodontics and leads the School’s Workgroup on Clinical Education. Dean John N. Williams presented the award to him.

Spurgeon Dental Class Awards: Nazir Ahmad (fourth-year DDS class), Nurica Good (third-year DDS class), Brett Alvey (second-year DDS class), Charles Cooke (first-year DDS class), Abbey Hawkins (second-year dental hygiene class), Megan Mosley (first-year dental hygiene class) and Celena Jackson (dental assisting)

Dwight Clark Memorial Awards: Nazir Ahmad (DDS), Abbey Hawkins (dental hygiene) and Carolyn Riesbeck (dental assisting)

Student Research Dedication Award: Charmaine Porter-O’Reilly

Student Research Achievement Award: Brandon Burke and Adam Chorak

Student Research Mentor Award: Dr. Ray White

American Student Dental Association (ASDA) Award of Excellence: Allison Cavenaugh and William Stanley

ASDA Faculty Appreciation Award: Dr. Ralph Leonard

Kermit Knudtzon Academic Award: Seema Thaker

Sara O’Daniel Dental Assisting Clinical Excellence: Megan Childers

Dental Assisting Clinical Achievement: Alicia Pecorella
Linda Stewart Professional Excellence Award: Chenetha McCabe

Sheila F. Harris Scholarship: Susanna Clendenin

Susan Darst Scholarship: Darci Noonan

Faye Watkins Scholarship: Krystel Mazur

Hu-Friedy Golden Scaler Award: Stephanie Orihood
Hinman Scholar: Daniella Floyd

Alberta Beat Dolan Scholarship Award: Megan Mosley
N.C. Dental Hygiene Academy of Advanced Studies: Rachel Kennedy

Dental Hygiene Alumni Award: Angela Davenport

American Association of Public Health Dentistry’s Dental Hygiene Student Recognition: Sheronda Haskins-Harris

Procter & Gamble Preventive Dentistry: Abbey Hawkins

Sigma Phi Alpha Dental Hygiene Honor Society: Abbey Hawkins, Jodie Hockaday, Stephanie Orihood, Erin Ross, Linda Paquette, and Patricia Poole (faculty)

Dental Ecology Community Achievement: Yee Vang
Eleanor A. Forbes Clinical Achievement: Roberto Varela

Colgate STAR (Student Total Achievement Recognition) Award: Christen Woolley

Linda Paschall Jarvis Memorial Scholarship: Latrice Bruce

American Association of Public Health Dentistry’s DDS Student Recognition: Kim Hammersmith

Marvin J. Block Community Dentistry Achievement: Jacqueline Garner

Academy of Operative Dentistry: Anna Elizabeth Gladwell

American Academy of Esthetic Dentistry: Nazir Ahmad

Academy of General Dentistry: Jennifer Blakely and Eric Cottle

American Association of Endodontists: Eric Cottle

American Association of Orthodontists: Matt Olmsted

American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology: Jacob Dabell

American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology: Nicoleta Agrigoroae-Bolos

AAOMS Dental Implant Student Award: Michael Demo

Periodontology/Prosthodontics Implant Award: Eric Cottle

ICOI/Sullivan-Schein Dental Predoctoral Achievement Award: Nicoleta Agrigoroae-Bolos

Academy of Osseointegration Award: Eric Cottle

AAOMS Achievement Award: Nazir Ahmad

Dr. Susan P. Foy Award: LaJean Morrow

Hillenbrand-Lupton Student Award: Ravi Agarwal

Oral Biology: Shannitta Bridgers

Grover C. Hunter Award of Periodontology: Anna Bridges

American Academy of Periodontology: Caleb Corwin

Dentsply International Award in Removable Prosthodontics: David Beebe

Southeastern Prosthodontics Award: Anna Bridgers

Best of the Best Prosthodontics: David Beebe

Monte Miska Fixed Prosthodontics Award: Bryden McCormick

American College of Prosthodontics Award: Ashley Schaaf

Academy of Craniofacial Pain Award: Noel Fox

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Certificate of Merit Predoctoral Student Award: Trevor Smith

American College of Dentists Leadership Award: Matt Olmsted

Pierre Fauchard Academy of Recognition Award: Jacob Dabell

Pierre Fauchard Academy Scholarship: Andy Glassick

International College of Dentists Leadership Award: Shannitta Bridgers

Zane Eargle Jr. Award: Savannah Gelesko

James A. Harrell Sr. Citizenship and Leadership Award: Nurica Good

Robert Tormey Award: Cammie Morris

Henry Zaytoun Award: Kim Hammersmith

Richard F. Hunt Memorial Award for Excellence in Predoctoral Teaching: Dr. Ed Kanoy

The Spurgeon Dental Society’s officers are Andy Glassick, president; David Walker, vice president; Maggie Wright, treasurer; and Annie Chu, secretary. The Spurgeon Dental Society and the School’s Office of Academic Affairs coordinate the annual event, with financial support provided by the Dental Foundation of North Carolina.