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Carrie Bigelow, DHED graduate student, selected for the ADHA Summer Student Internship

The American Dental Hygienists’ Association (ADHA) has selected Carrie Bigelow, RDH, BS as the recipient of the ADHA Summer Student Internship.

Carrie is currently a second year student in the Master’s Degree program in Dental Hygiene Education at UNC. Carrie completed her undergraduate degree at Texas Woman’s University in Denton, TX. She has practiced in Switzerland, Hong Kong and the United States.

The purpose of the ADHA Student Internship program is to expand the awareness of the professional opportunities available for advanced degree dental hygiene students through participation in programs and activities in the ADHA central office and with a corporate sponsor. While at ADHA, Carrie will participate in projects and activities in the areas of education, research, governmental affairs, communications, member services and the ADHA Institute for Oral Health. Working with the corporate sponsor, Carrie will be exposed to corporate planning, development, marketing and other professional opportunities in dental hygiene. Carrie will spend 2 weeks at ADHA headquarters and 2 weeks at Sunstar Butler, both in Chicago, IL. As the recipient of this internship, Carrie will have all travel, meals and living accommodations paid.