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Frazier-Bowers Wins Outstanding Trainee Award

Dr. Sylvia Frazier-Bowers, assistant professor of orthodontics at the School of Dentistry, recently received the Clinical Research 2006 Outstanding Trainee Award.

Frazier-Bowers, also an orthodontist, received the honor and a $2,000 award at the Clinical Research 2006 annual meeting, held in March in tandem with the General Clinical Research Centers’ Program Directors Meeting. Award recipients are selected by a distinguished panel of clinician-scientists from all over the country.

The Outstanding Trainee Award recognizes the most outstanding abstract submitted by National Center for Research Resources-supported trainees nationwide. Frazier-Bowers’ abstract was “Phenotypic and Genetic Characterization of a Common Dentofacial Deformity: Mandibular Prognathism.” This disorder is characterized by an overgrown lower jaw or deficient upper jaw, and both hereditary and environmental factors are believed to contribute to the condition.

Frazier-Bowers used molecular genetic techniques to examine four families with the condition, and her results indicated that the trait is largely under strict genetic control with distinct clinical sub-phenotypes.

Frazier-Bowers’ research at the School of Dentistry focuses on the role of genetics in craniofacial and tooth disorders.

At the meeting, original scientific research was presented and scientific, academic and policy issues concerning all areas of clinical research were discussed. The event sponsors were the American Federation for Medical Research, the GCRC Program Directors Association, the Association for Patient-Oriented Research and the Association for Clinical Research Training.