Faculty and Staff, Students

Spurgeon Table Clinic Day

The 31st Annual Spurgeon Dental Society Table Clinic Day took place on March 31, 2006. Table Clinic Day is an annual competition of table top demonstrations presented by students and residents at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. A Table Clinic is a presentation of a technique or procedure concerning some phase of dental research, diagnosis or treatment. The presentations are judged by distinguished faculty from UNC of various specialties. Visual aids may be developed and used to supplement the demonstration. Students who participated also received up to 6 hours of Continuing Education credit.

This year’s Table Clinic Day was a great success and the Table Clinic Committee would like to thank each participating UNC Dental faculty member and student for all their support in making it a special day.


Basic Science Award – Jong Hyuk Lee

Best Science Award – Dr. Vandana Kumar

Clinical Sciences Award – Dr. Thomas J. Bouwens

Dental Hygiene Award – Kelechi Nwankwo, Nila Foy, Stephanie Sequeira, Yah Zigbuo, Natasha Wiltshire

Dental Assisting Award – Liudmila Khismatullina

Allied Dental Award – Kristen Evans, Carrie Coffey, Valerie Whitaker, Rachael Hansen, Amy Duan

Advanced Dental Education Award – Dr. Emad Khan

NC Academy of General Dentistry Award – Dr. Ron Hsu

International College of Dentistry Award – Lance Miller

Dentsply International Award – Nazir Ahmad