Awards, Students

Announcing DRRD Award Recipients

On behalf of the NC-AADR and the planning committee, we would like to thank the School of Dentistry for a successful DRRD! We are especially proud of all of the presenters and the quality of science witnessed this year. We also owe a debt of gratitude to our nation’s chief dental officer and NIDCR deputy director, Dr. Dushanka Kleinman, who delivered an impressive keynote address.

We are equally grateful to the judges who took time from their busy schedules to lend their expertise to this event. We also acknowledge all of the very important faculty and staff who made this event possible. Congratulations to the award winners listed below!

Dr. Sylvia Frazier-Bowers, President of NC-AADR

Pre-doc category:

Travel Award:
Jesse Arbon and Jeff Hyde (1 award for 2 presenters of the same presentation)

Turner Award:
Haeman Noori

Bawden Awards: (given by the SRG group)
1) Nazir Ahmad
2) Trevor Jensen

MS category:

Travel awards:
1) Christina Maresca
2) Patricia Devilliers

Turner Awards:
1) Judy McIntyre
2) Marlene Teo
3) Christina Karamini
4) Nimet Adatia

Ph.D award category:

Travel awards:
1) Ro Shauna Rothwell
2) Meredith Burgents

Turner Awards:
3) Phimon Atsawasuwan
4) Juanli Guo

The NC-AADR recognizes the following individuals who especially made this event a success.

Eric Everett – in the development and maintenance of the web page and registration form
Dan Caplan – for creating and organizing the presentation schedule
Catherine Champagne – for assisting in organizing the lunch and learn sessions
Ricardo Padilla – coordinating the poster board set-up, lunch and learn food and elective credit
Stephen Bayne – recruiting event sponsorship
Warren ?Mac? McCollum – for formatting final schedules, designing and printing the posters, and creating the ?gift? for Dr. Kleinman
Terri Volz – for designing and printing the posters
David Arnold – for facilitating the online registration
Tarrl Morley – for engineering the simultaneous videocast
Ramona Hutton-Howe – for providing videography and photography
Pat Flood and DRC – for providing pizzas and drinks
Office of the Dean – for providing breakfast and lunch
Dental Sponsors – Phillips, Procter & Gamble, Bisco, 3M, Colgate-Palmolive, Tokuyama Dental, and Premier Dental
Workshop Presenters – Lumenis Laser (Ebon Turner), Sompop Bencharit and Procter and Gamble
All of the judges: Catherine Champagne, Silvana Barros, Fabricio Teixeira, Alice Curran, David Paquette, Salvador Nares, Yoshiyuki Mochida, and Luis Pimenta
Lunch and Learn Presenters: Jennifer Webster-Cyriaque, Eric Everett, Dan Caplan, Ray White, Brad Picot, Nazir Ahmad, Ronald Hsu and Luda Diatchenko
SRG leaders: Joseph Norman and Camelia Cooper for their tireless efforts of assisting in the event set-up and session monitoring, and coordinating the student raffle.

We also thank the others not listed above on the planning committee including Tim Wright, Diane Shugars, Sharon Grayden, Patricia Pereira, Wagner Duarte and the SRG members for their help and priceless good advice in the planning of this event.