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Virtual Classroom Links Professor in Sweden with Graduate Students in Endodontics

The Department of Endodontics conducted the first in a series of virtual literature review sessions. These sessions will continue throughout fall semester featuring Professor Gunnar Bergenholtz from Göteborg University (Gothenburg) in Sweden.

Using Macromedia Breeze, a rich web-based communication system, Professor Gunnar Bergenholtz led the September 28th literature review session from his office in Göteborg. The graduate students gathered in the Deans Conference Room and could see, hear and speak with Dr. Bergenholtz from their laptops using webcams and microphone headsets. The technology worked extremely well streaming real-time audio and video across the Atlantic Ocean. The students enjoyed using this new technology and found the session rewarding. They especially appreciated the opportunity to interface with this internationally recognized faculty member. The spring semester virtual literature review will be led by Dr. Gilberto Debelian from Oslo, Norway.

If you would like to observe a session, the virtual literature reviews are scheduled every Wednesday, at 10 AM in the Deans Conference Room. To observe from your desktop, please contact Sharon Grayden (966-2730) in the Center for Educational Development and Informatics and she will make arrangements to link you to the session. You may also call Ms. Grayden if you are interested in learning more about this technology and its numerous teaching applications.