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SAS Licensing Update

As many of you know the five year SAS grant has expired. Based on negotiations between the UNC Office of the President and SAS, SAS has agreed to a one-year extension of the software grant beginning June 1, 2005. The Office of the President and SAS have created a new online system to be used by SAS users at all UNC Universities to obtain SAS renewal keys, known as SIDs or Setinits. The ITS Software Acquisitions Office will not be distributing licenses; rather, you must use the new online system.

Below you will find a link to instructions on how to obtain a SID or Setinit key as well as reference links to help documentation on how to apply the SID or Setinit for your version of SAS.


Warning: You CANNOT share your SID/Setinit with any other user. If you do, you will lose your access to SAS.

If you have any question please call 962-HELP, email help@unc.edu or submit an Online Web Ticket (https://www.unc.edu/ar-bin/websub/index.pl).

Gregory Alan Neville
ITS Software Acquisition
Site License Coordinator // Technology Analyst
Email: Greg_Neville@unc.edu
Phone: (919)962-5276