Awards, Faculty and Staff

Mary George 2004 ADEA Legislative Fellow

Mary George, Associate Professor and Director, Allied Dental Education Programs has been awarded the 2004 ADEA/Sunstar/Harry W. Bruce Jr. Legislative Fellowship. This public policy fellowship provides a unique three-month learning experience in Washington, D.C. The fellowship experience coincides with the time when Congress is considering budget, authorization, appropriations, tax and regulatory matters. While in Washington, the Fellow functions as an ADEA staff member in the Center for Public Policy and Advocacy (CPPA), working on issues on the legislative agenda.

The focus of Mary’s three-month fellowship activities at CPPA will be 1) issues relating to improving access to care and implementing the recommendations of the ADEA Commission on Access, especially as they apply to allied dental education; 2) FY 2005 appropriations for the Health Professions and Training Programs and other federal agencies and programs of importance to dental education and research; and, 3) FY 2005 reauthorization of Title VII programs, especially on making dentistry eligible for HRSA primary care programs for which only medicine is currently eligible. Mary will be in Washington during the months of May, July and September.