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Student Travel Support for AADR 2004 in Hawaii

The AADR has received a grant supplement from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) to support travel for dental students and NIDCR-sponsored Trainees/Fellows to the 2004 IADR General Session in Honolulu, Hawaii, for presentation of scientific papers on dental research. The individuals will be selected to receive funds on the basis of the quality of an abstract accepted for presentation at the IADR meeting.

Grant Amount
The award amount of US $1,000 per person will be used to support travel expenses for approximately 50 qualified individuals. The amount should cover either round-trip air fare between the US mainland and the Island of Oahu (either full or partial coverage, depending on the departure city) and/or hotel expenses.

To be eligible for a travel grant, applicants must submit the form using the Web link below and return it by October 27, 2003, and must be:

  • dental students enrolled in accredited US dental schools (at the time of submission) who are citizens or non-citizen nationals of the US (or who have been lawfully admitted as permanent residents at the time of the application)


  • – current recipients of NIDCR National Research Service Awards funds (grant must be in force at the time of the meeting) either as Trainees under the institution’s training grant or individually as Fellows. All recipients of the following NIH grants are eligible: F30, F32, K08, K22, K23. In addition, any person who is a Trainee on a T32 or K16 award is also eligible.

The AADR Annual Session Committee and IADR Groups will review abstracts submitted by individuals applying for travel grant funds, and the Committee will make the final selection of travel grant recipients. The Committee will base its decision on and assign priority to 1) originality in research design, 2) innovations in technique, and 3) scientific merit.

Evaluation Reports
Award recipients and their Faculty Advisors/Deans will be required to provide a follow-up report containing an evaluation of the program and outlining the career paths of the recipients which relate to continued research activities. The Awardee must submit a report within two (2) months upon conclusion of the meeting, and the Faculty Advisor/Dean must submit a report 18 months after the meeting dates.

If you are interested in applying for the grant, please complete the form using the link below and return it by October 27, 2003.