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Dental Foundation of North Carolina, Inc. 2003-2004 Fellowships

The Dental Foundation of North Carolina announced the 2003-2004 recipients of the DFNC’s post-DDS fellowships today. The DFNC, a non-profit foundation established in 1950 to provide financial assistance to the School of Dentistry, will present more than $100,000 to the recipients of these 29 fellowships. The permanently funded fellowships were established through contributions from alumni and friends of the School to provide critical financial support to students pursuing post-DDS degrees in the School of Dentistry. The DFNC congratulates these individuals for their excellent work and the honor being bestowed upon them.

Advanced Education Fellowships

Dr. Reid Brogden (Orthodontics)
Dr. Paul Byerly (Periodontology)

Elsie and Baxter Sapp Fellowships

Dr. Sompop Bencharit (Oral Biology)
Dr. Mike Rossitch (Pediatrics)

Ann and G. Randolph Babcock Fellowship

Dr. Preeda Pungpapong (Prosthodontics)
Dr. Jonas Geirsson (Operative)
Dr. John Jacquot (Periodontology)
Dr. Matt Savage (Pediatrics)
Dr. Roy Rosado (Prosthodontics)
Dr. Chris Harris (Orthodontics)

Andrew M. Brooks Fellowship (Orthodontics)

Dr. Amy Joslin
Dr. Nicole Scheffler
Dr. Jason Herring

Theodore Oldenburg Fellowship (Pediatrics)

Dr. Martha Hardaway
Dr. Maria Wang
Dr. Elizabeth Shick

Jack Menius Fellowship (Pediatrics)

Dr. Mike Rossitch
Dr. Matt Savage

James B. Congleton III Fellowship (Pediatrics)

Dr. Mike Rossitch
Dr. Matt Savage

Jacob Freedland Scholarship (Endodontics)

Dr. Aaron Thompson
Dr. William Windley

Freedland Advanced Dental Education Fellowships

Dr. Jiahua Zhu (Oral Biology)
Dr. Suchaya Pornprasertsuk (Oral Biology)
Dr. Guy Shipper (Endodontics)
Dr. Leslie Pitner (Orthodontics)
Dr. Paige Miller (Prosthodontics)
Dr. Abdullah Alsiyabi (Prosthodontics)