Outreach, Students

The UNC Mexico Dental Project Partners with Dental Suppliers to Bring Dental Care to an Orphanage in Rural Mexico

The UNC Mexico Dental Project has brought dental care to orphans in Mexico since 1987. The Mexico Project has over 150 dentist alumni and is sending a new group of students to Mexico in July, 2003.

Dental students rely upon donations from dental supply companies to stock the orphanage dental clinic. In a recent gift, Patterson Dental Supply Company donated $2000 worth of dental supplies to the Project.

On a visit to the UNC School of Dentistry, Mr. Heath Mullins, a representative of Patterson Dental Supply Co., met with Dr. Ron Strauss the Mexico Project’s faculty preceptor to learn more about the Mexico Project and so that Dr. Strauss could convey the students’ and school’s appreciation for the gift.

The UNC Dental Mexico Project is entirely supported by community donations and is funded by gifts to the Dental Foundation of North Carolina’s UNC Dental Mexico Project Fund.