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Dental Foundation Announces 2002-03 Fellowship Recipients

The Dental Foundation of North Carolina Inc. has awarded 27 fellowships and nearly $110,000 to post-doctoral students enrolled in graduate programs at the UNC School of Dentistry for the 2002-2003 academic year. The DFNC Fellowships Committee selects recipients from a pool of nominations submitted by school faculty members. Selection is based primarily on recommendations, financial need, and academic excellence. Established in 1950, the DFNC is a 501(c)3 foundation that raises private funds to aid and promote education, research, patient care, and service at the School of Dentistry. It is operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes that benefit the School of Dentistry.

Dental Foundation of North Carolina, Inc.
2002-03 Fellowships

Advanced Education Fellowships
  • Dr. Chris Harris (Orthodontics)
  • Dr. Patricia Miguez (Operative)
Elsie and Baxter Sapp Fellowships
  • Dr. Scott Gould (Periodontology)
  • Dr. Ryan Harris (Periodontology)
Ann and G. Randolph Babcock Fellowship
  • Dr. Sompop Bencharit (Oral Biology)
  • Dr. Ryan Haldeman (Orthodontics and Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Darren Ravassipour (Orthodontics)
Andrew M. Brooks Fellowship (Orthodontics)
  • Dr. Amy Joslin
  • Dr. Nicole Scheffler
  • Dr. Jack Dempsey Smith
Theodore Oldenburg Fellowship (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Krissy Coffield
  • Dr. Leslee Lancaster
  • Dr. Mike Rossitch
  • Dr. Matt Savage
  • Dr. Marianne Mills Sheroan
Jack Menius Fellowship (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Krissy Coffield
  • Dr. Todd Grooms
James B. Congleton III Fellowship (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Krissy Coffield
  • Dr. Todd Grooms
  • Dr. Marianne Mills Sheroan
Jacob Freedland Scholarship (Endodontics)
  • Dr. Robin McGurkin
  • Dr. John Wisniewsky
Freedland Advanced Dental Education Fellowships
  • Dr. Abdullah Alsiyabi (Prosthodontics)
  • Dr. Lucia Cevidanes (Oral Biology Ph.D. candidate)
  • Dr. Alessandra Ritter (Endodontics)
  • Dr. Marianne Mills Sheroan (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Zhengyan Wang (Oral Biology Ph.D. candidate)