Outreach, Prosthodontics

Department of Prosthodontics and the Hispanic Dental Association to Participate in HOPE’s Global Outreach Day

The department of prosthodontics and the Hispanic Dental Association at the School of Dentistry will participate in Global Outreach Day April 27 in Durham. The Hispanic Dental Association will present “Why Do You Need to See to a Dentist?” The material will be presented in both English and Spanish. A very basic screening exam will be available and, if needed, participants will receive referral information regarding any identified potential problems. There will be information regarding the specialties of dentistry and why patients should seek out those specialists.

The dept of prosthodontics will present information on “The Role of the Dentist in Identification and Treatment of Snoring and Sleep Apnea.” A set of screening questions will be used to help identify a sleep-related disorder. Snoring is very common in the population, 1of 10 Americans snore and 1 of 4 adult males snore. Tom Hummert in prosthodontics is the organizer of this clinic.

Global Outreach Day is in its third year. On April 27, volunteers in over 300 cities in 75 countries will engage in a day of service to help the poor and underserved. Last year (2001) 75,000 volunteers reached over 500,000 people. Global Outreach utilizes significant volunteer training and management expertise to recruit, motivate, train and mobilize volunteers to provide health, education, development, and care programs that satisfy the physical and emotional needs of disadvantaged children and adults.

The event is scheduled for this Saturday at the Rogers Kerr Middle School in Durham, N.C. from 11:00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. The services will target Durham’s inner city. Any further information can be obtained through Michelle Needham at the local HOPE office at 403-6869.